The following testimonials come from the lovely people I have read tarot for and shared messages with. If you would like to add your testimonial to my list, please email it to me at spiritfoxtarot@gmail.com. Thank you!

‘Matthew reading was completely accurate. I could not think of a better outcome. Between Matthew’s skill at reading cards and explaining their meanings, and his power of discerning the truth, I can safely say that Matthew is the best reader I have ever seen.’

– Andrew Harmon

‘Matthew’s reading blew me away. He was able to point out things from my past accurately but also pinpoint many of my current thoughts about the future as well. He was also able to reveal things I had never shared to anyone. He is an exceptional tarot reader and I highly recommend using his spiritual services.’

@RituMummo on Twitter

‘I would like to thank Matthew Martin for the reading he did to me today. I just requested yesterday and, the reading it was in my mailbox this morning. He was straight to the point and his views really showed me what’s going on in my life right now regardless my question. You’re a talented, amazing reader. Keep up the great work you did to me. I’m very thankful for your clarity. I’ll follow the cards advise. They’re so right. Thank you so much. You helped me a lot today in see what I didn’t want see it. God bless you. Warm regards. Telma’

—  Feedback on BiddyTarot.com

‘I can’t thank Matthew enough for doing this reading. You can tell he puts a lot of heart into it, and is very talented reader and would definitely recommend him. It was very in depth, detailed, accurate reading. He gave some plenty of sound advice, which I will definitely be applying to my life (already starting to now) Matthew’s reading and has encouraged me so much and helped solidify my choices.’

— Gemma Franklin, Email Reading

‘Wow! Thank you very much…an incredibly insightful reading with much to ponder. Thank you! You have a strong talent for this!’ 

wildelotus on Tumblr

‘Oh wow I have to admit I got teary eyed while reading this, thank you so, so much ! This is very very very relevant to me right now and the fact that it’s from Ame-no-Koyane-no-Mikoto is… very very important to me. Thank you so much for everything, I am going to keep this reading preciously in a notebook to be able to read it when I need to. This was very spot on and very practical and just all around gives me a lot to think around and tools to get better about this. Thank you ❤ ‘

lumeha on Tumblr

‘Thankyou for your message from Inari it was really spot on and I think you obviously have some talent with communing with the divine. Thanks again.’

magiofnightandflame on Tumblr

 ‘I’m struggling with some emotional stuff, and have been doing so for a while, and these struggles are starting to seriously have a negative impact on the way in which I deal with the world. You, along with Inari, helped me find who it was I should be working with, and it’s helped me tremendously in dealing with these crippling feelings and thoughts. Thank you so much. With just a simple reading, you managed to put me on my path again, and it’s absolutely amazing.’
magpiecookies on Tumblr

 ‘ I sent in my request for communion with the gods feeling I might get a vague answer in return. After all, I wasn’t asking for anyone in specific and it’d be really easy to say something along the lines of “just try harder” (not that I would blame you if you did). But the response I got was much longer and more in detail than I expected – it felt very sincere, and it lifted my spirits and is putting me on a clearer path than before. There aren’t many people that I can find that can offer this kind of service – thank you, so much! As a new child among the kami, I feel like I can keep making progress!’
– yarizakuras on Tumblr

Oh my goodness. That’s really frighteningly amazing. I am so grateful, thank you!  I really appreciate it. You are amazingly accurate. You must have a very close connection to Inari.

– Danielle Sato (Paid Reading via Etsy)

1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I was experience fushimi inari during first of april,
    both me and my wife have some wired and excited experience there,
    lets start from me, we going to fushimi inari taisha from afternoon to night,
    when sun going down, my wife is getting tired, and me trying to discover more on top,
    mainly is an awesome sunset of kyoto, but then i going deeper,
    I found i am lost at a place with surrounding by a tomb, and the sky is going darker and darker, till i pray in my heart to the kami to lead me out from this place so i can meet my wife, and some miracle happens, someone walk thru my direction, and I follow the path from the way they came from, of course i gave them a warning that my direction is wrong way, those people some was thank for me and some just smile to me for the response, and wired things is each people I walk thru, they just dissapear, yes, just gone one the spot for a second. until finally meet my wife.
    secondly, about my wife, along a way she with me and praying for the kami, and suddenly she saw a white fox keep follow her, but she didn’t feel scary but feel warmth heart feeling.
    Few weeks later, she pregnant.

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