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Sangyo-sai (産業祭)

Sangyo-sai (産業祭 - Industrial Festival) is an annual festival at Fushimi Inari Taisha - 'A ceremony expressing thanks to Inari Okami, the deity of all business enterprises, and praying for business success and economic prosperity.' - (Fushimi Inari Website) This festival is one in which people pray for economic prosperity and success with their businesses.… Continue reading Sangyo-sai (産業祭)

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Protecting the Gates: Shrine Guardians

Today I am going to talk about many of the guardian animals associated with Shinto. When visiting a Shinto shrine, one of the first things one sees are a pair of foxes, lion-dogs or other creatures. Lion Dogs (Komainu) Komainu translates to 'Korean dog' or 'Foreign dog'. It is believed that they came from the… Continue reading Protecting the Gates: Shrine Guardians

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“You must be rich to be Shinto”

This seems to be a toxic opinion I've seen around tumblr and facebook. It's common for younger members of the Shinto faith, or those who are simply dabbling in it to be told be older, 'more experienced' people that they are wrong. That they must obtain an expensive kamidana and attend shrines all over the… Continue reading “You must be rich to be Shinto”

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How to Worship at a Shinto Shrine

When visiting a Shinto shrine it is important to be respectful of the Shinto faith and to perform the correct shrine etiquette. This post will go through the entire process from start to finish so that you can worship in a respectful and correct way. Entering the Shrine Make sure not to walk in the… Continue reading How to Worship at a Shinto Shrine