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New Year 2018 – My Year At A Glance

Last year I wrote a lot about what Shinto practices I do for New Year so I'm not going to repeat it here and instead I encourage you to read that past post. This year, I'm going to write more of a reflection post on the past year and what  I achieved both spiritual and… Continue reading New Year 2018 – My Year At A Glance

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Wrapping Up The Year

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've updated this blog and I sincerely apologise for that. I've been busy recovering from my surgery and then catching up on work. I'm glad to say that Inari-Okamisama blessed me in huge ways and I have been recovering super well! I'm so grateful for everything I've experienced… Continue reading Wrapping Up The Year

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New Year: A Time for New Beginnings

New year has always been special to me in that it represents a new beginning, a releasing of the old and bringing in of the new. Even in the West, new year inspires us to make new years resolutions or goals - even if we rarely stick to them! Of course many people choose to… Continue reading New Year: A Time for New Beginnings