Types of Shinto

There are many types and sects of Shinto. Today's post talks about some of these in brief. I used a lot of references for these, but if you find anything wrong, please do let me know! As for me, I guess I would either be folk Shinto or Koshinto, I need to read more about… Continue reading Types of Shinto


Faith and Prayer

Due to the traditional, inherited nature of Shinto, many practitioners do not have what would be described as 'faith'. Instead, they follow the customs due to national identity rather than any personalized spiritual experience. Shinto is so deeply ingrained into the Japanese psyche that it can be hard to even know where to start from… Continue reading Faith and Prayer


Blessings of Water and Shetler

This morning I realized something quite profound and wanted to share it with my followers. Upon praying at Inari-sama's altar (also dedicated to Kami-sama), I prayed as usual in the morning. I prayed that Inari-sama would help me with my debt problems and also my health. I thought about the blessings I thought I needed… Continue reading Blessings of Water and Shetler


Kami-sama and Strengthening my relationship to Inari-sama

Recently I received various texts on Konkokyo in the mail from a friend in the UK and also from Japan. I feel humbled and honoured that these individuals sent me the material and I have enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I will make a post on what Konkokyo is and what it is not, but this… Continue reading Kami-sama and Strengthening my relationship to Inari-sama


About Myself and my Practices

My name is Matt, and I'm the author of this blog. It's nice to meet you! On this blog, 'The Fox Druid' I will be writing about my Spirituality, Personal life, Druidry, Shinto and much more. I am also an artist! I am currently 27 and live in North Wales, not too far from the… Continue reading About Myself and my Practices