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My Travel Altar

I've been meaning to make a post about my travel altar for a while and this morning I saw a post by ravenamber87 on theirs, which reminded me! And so here is my travel altar in pictures! The storage I use for my travel altar is currently a box I received a tarot deck in.… Continue reading My Travel Altar

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Finding Time For Prayer

Waking up at dawn, heading down to your local Shinto shrine and praying to the enshrined kami before starting your day, that's the dream, right? Unfortunately for many Shinto practitioners this is not an option. We are outside of Japan, or situated somewhere far away from any kind of Shinto shrine or retreat, sometimes even… Continue reading Finding Time For Prayer

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“You must be rich to be Shinto”

This seems to be a toxic opinion I've seen around tumblr and facebook. It's common for younger members of the Shinto faith, or those who are simply dabbling in it to be told be older, 'more experienced' people that they are wrong. That they must obtain an expensive kamidana and attend shrines all over the… Continue reading “You must be rich to be Shinto”