Cleansing, Personal

A Spiritual Awakening

Today I'm going to speak about a recent event which I feel actually forced me into a spiritual awakening. It was a dark time and extremely scary but I feel much better because of it. Night Terrors Over the past few months things had been rather hectic and I'd been having a lot of nightmares… Continue reading A Spiritual Awakening

Deities, Kami, Shinto

Kami Focus: Ryujin (龍神)

Name meaning: 龍神 "Dragon god" Other names: Ryojin (Dragon god), Ryuo (Dragon king), Ryugu (Dragon palace), Watatsumi (Sea god) Kami of: the Ocean, agriculture, fishermen Themes: Water, agriculture Enshrined at: Watatsumi jinja (Kobe and Kitakyūshū), Daikai jinja (Osaka) to name a few. The Katase-Enoshima station in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture was also designed with Ryujin's palace in mind.  These beautiful architectural designs pay… Continue reading Kami Focus: Ryujin (龍神)


Blessings of Water and Shetler

This morning I realized something quite profound and wanted to share it with my followers. Upon praying at Inari-sama's altar (also dedicated to Kami-sama), I prayed as usual in the morning. I prayed that Inari-sama would help me with my debt problems and also my health. I thought about the blessings I thought I needed… Continue reading Blessings of Water and Shetler