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Spiritual Reminders In The Form Of Dreams

Hey everyone, it's been a while! As usual I have been struggling with my health but I wanted to make a post here about having spiritual reminders, even in the darkest times... no, especially in the darkest times. April was a pretty low month for me. I have had debilitating depression since the early months… Continue reading Spiritual Reminders In The Form Of Dreams


Doubting Faith

The Ugly Face of Doubt "Practice the true way of faith and eliminate doubt. You are allowed to live in the midst of divine virtue." - Konko-Daijin, III Shinkun 1-33 Today I write about an issue which has affected myself and others I care deeply about. It has most likely affected you too if you… Continue reading Doubting Faith


Faith and Prayer

Due to the traditional, inherited nature of Shinto, many practitioners do not have what would be described as 'faith'. Instead, they follow the customs due to national identity rather than any personalized spiritual experience. Shinto is so deeply ingrained into the Japanese psyche that it can be hard to even know where to start from… Continue reading Faith and Prayer