Animal Totems

Animal Oracles: The Hare

The hare is a very popular animal symbol in the new age and pagan community. It's common to see many 'moon gazing' hare statues, paintings, figures and everything else you can imagine. It's become more and more popular, and this year especially seems to have an explosion of hare-related merchandise! So what does the hare… Continue reading Animal Oracles: The Hare

Druidry, Personal

The Simple Power of Walking

Hey everyone, I am sorry for the extended absence from this blog. It has become apparent to me that trying to create a blog schedule is not something I am adept at! Since this blog has always intended to be a personal record of my spiritual journey I feel that sporadic posts may just be… Continue reading The Simple Power of Walking


About Myself and my Practices

My name is Matt, and I'm the author of this blog. It's nice to meet you! On this blog, 'The Fox Druid' I will be writing about my Spirituality, Personal life, Druidry, Shinto and much more. I am also an artist! I am currently 27 and live in North Wales, not too far from the… Continue reading About Myself and my Practices