Shinto Resources List


BBC Religions:
Kokuagakuin Dictionary of Shinto:
New version:
Glossary of Shinto
Shinto Guidebook:
Shinto Starter Guide:
Kami-no-Michi (Online Version):


The Fox and The Jewel, by Karen A. Smyers Amazon

Shinto: The Kami Way, by Sokyo Ono Amazon

Shinto : Meditations for Revering the Earth, by Stuart D. B. Picken Amazon

Shinto : A Celebration of Life, by Aidan Rankin Amazon

Shinto: The Way Home by Thomas P. Kasulis Amazon

Shinto Norito by Ann Llewellyn Evans Amazon

Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine, by John K. Nelson Amazon


Green Shinto:
Living with kami:
Pagan Tama:


Inari Faith International Facebook Group:
Shinto, Religion of the Forest Group:
Tsubaki Grand Shrine Group:
UK Shinto Society:


Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America (ENG/JP):
Shusse Inari Shrine of America (ENG/JP):
Fushimi Inari Taisha (JP/ENG):
Ise Jingu (JP/ENG):
Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha (ENG):
Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation (NL/JP/EN):


Kojiki Online Version:
Kojiki myths in Manga Form:
Modern and Casual Version of the Kojiki:


International Shinto Foundation:
Association of Shinto Shrines:
Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation:


BEGIN Japanology – Shinto Shrines – Japanology
Visiting a Shinto Shrine (How to Pray, What to Do) – Japanagos

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