Changes to my blogs!

Due to popular demand, I am once again moving my more spiritual stuff to and I'm gonna post mainly tarot content on here! Sorry for the bother!


Some downtime

Hey everyone! Apologies for the long silence, I've been not too well and I'm trying to get over it. But I'm still here! Even though I've not been doing tarot readings for others for a few months, I'm still doing daily and weekly tarot readings for myself and recording them in a diary. I'm wondering … Continue reading Some downtime

[Guest Post] Inari-Okami in Numata City

This week we have a wonderful guest post by Hannah over at! This post does an excellent job of illustrating just how much influence Inari has in a small area. I love how the shrines range from formal to casual, traditional to untraditional. And of course, the pure feeling of love and nostalgia that … Continue reading [Guest Post] Inari-Okami in Numata City

The Simple Importance of Walking

Since I last posted, I have become much more involved with my Bardic studies at OBOD (the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) and have started to properly incorporate the druidry views and ethics into my daily practice. The amount of similarities I see between druidry and Shinto are many and I hope to soon … Continue reading The Simple Importance of Walking

My Faith and Chronic Illness

Recently I read a particularly inspiring post called 'Devotional tips for those with chronic illnesses and limited energy' by Michelle at Northern Tamarisk. It really helped me remember that I am certainly not alone with chronic illness and it also encouraged me to write about my own illnesses and how I deal with it interfering with my … Continue reading My Faith and Chronic Illness