Hey there! My name’s Matthew and I am a 30-something year old pagan and Shinto practitioner. I’m originally from Wales but I now reside in the lovely Leicestershire countryside with my partner and our various pets. I’m lucky enough to be self-employed and I work as a freelance animal artist and crafter.

I adore nature in all of it’s forms and I always love to learn more on the subjects of zoology, anthrozoology, biology and palaeontology. I guess you could say I’m fascinated by life itself and how we came to be.

Aside from literally worshipping nature, I also enjoy reading, language learning, video games, vulture-culture, history and journalling.

My Path

My path is entirely nature-based and I practice both paganism (mainly druidry and witchcraft) and Shinto (mostly Inari Shinkou). I’ve found that these faiths compliment each other perfectly as they are similar in beliefs. However, it is important to mention that I do keep them separated in terms of shrines and worship out of respect as it is not ideal to do this according to Shinto guidelines.

I keep a kamidana (household shrine) for Inari-Okamisama in my home, which is the most elaborate shrine I keep. I also have an outdoor garden altar for Pagan ritual work and worship.

My Beliefs

I believe in animism; that The Divine is present in all natural things including humans, animals, plants, trees and rocks.

I believe that all deities are forms, archetypes or expressions of the same Universal energy. Whatever deity we work with or is calling us at that particular moment in time is the archetype that we need the most.

I believe that the Divine is pure energy and the same energy that fuels our bodies. Through this, we are also a part of the Divine. Everything is connected in a huge energy web.

I believe that we pick up kegare (穢れ), also known as pollution or negative energy by simply existing in this world. I believe it is therefore important to regularly cleanse ourselves physically and spiritually to stop this accumulating too much and causing problems. (This is not the same concept as Christian sin).

I believe that ritual serves as a means to become closer to the Divine. I believe that we should re-enact ritual with understanding, sincerity and as close to the source as close as possible out of respect.

I believe that magic is the art of energy manipulation and should only be practised for positive reasons. I also believe very firmly in the Threefold Law.

I believe that all energy is recycled from one form to another and that reincarnation is certain.

About This Site

This site was originally created in February 2011 on Tumblr under the name ‘Fox of Inari’. I eventually moved it here to Wordless where it remains today unchanged, except the name.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on and share personal experiences about paganism and Shinto. I wish to help others connect with Great Nature, The Divine and whatever they are seeking.

I also provide spiritual services and tarot to those who are interested. I am an tarot and oracle card reader with over 15 years experience of reading for others. I am also able to communicate with kami and deities on your behalf, if you wish. Please see here for more information about my spiritual services.

If you have any questions for me, please let me know! Thank you for reading!

If you are interested in my blog posts or would like to use me as a guest blogger, please feel free to contact me at spiritfoxtarot@gmail.com. If time permits, I will normally say yes to such requests. I do not charge for writing services.

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