profileHey there! My name is Matt!

Welcome to my tarot website! My name is Matthew Martin and I have been reading tarot on and off for the past 12 or so years! I grew up in North Wales, United Kingdom and have a lifelong fascination with nature and animals!

I’m not your typical tarot reader! 

I’m transgender, queer, obsessed with animals and love Japanese folklore, animation and ‘weird‘ things such as taxidermy and bones. I don’t decorate myself with heavy crystal jewelry or wear long, flowing sensual clothes, I’m just happy in a colourful t-shirt, some jeans and my cat on my lap!

I believe that the best way I can show you who I am is to simply be me! 

I have a strong connection to animal spirits , Shinto kami and deities of various pantheons. I trust my intuition above everything – although sometimes that does mean taking the longer road in life! When I read the tarot I receive messages in the form of images and use those and automatic writing to interpret the messages for you.

Therefore I believe the cards are not magical in themselves, but are a tool from which I am able to access my higher consciousness and other entities.

My goal as a tarot reader is to empower you to manifest positive changes in your life so that you may move forward with confidence, happiness and insight.

I am am eclectic Pagan and Shintoist and I use tarot as part of my practices. If you are interested in my spiritual beliefs and work, then please check out my blog: Fox of Inari.

Contact Me

Do you like my blog? Maybe you have some questions about tarot or even Shinto? I’m always open to talk so if you fancy it, throw an email over to foxofinari@gmail.com or fill in my contact form here!

I’m also on Facebook as both White Fox Tarot and Fox of Inari and have an Instagram at @spiritfoxtarot!

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It’s just a nice way for me to informally keep in contact with you and share some stuff about myself! No scams, I promise! 

Interested in Learning more about me?

Click the links below to read two blog posts in which I talk about my tarot story so far, as well as my beliefs about the tarot!:



Thank you so much for checking out my website! If you’re wondering what to do now, maybe go check out my blog to get even more of a feel of who I am.

Do you have questions you need answered? Please go take a look at my readings page, I would be honored to read for you!


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