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Spirituality and the Facade of Wholeness

Something which I often find online is that many people perceived as spiritual in one way or another are often expected to be complete. This can apply to people of any religion, tarot readers and other diviners, witches and healers. It especially seems to apply to those of us who provide spiritual services, paid or otherwise, to the general public. It is as if because we read tarot, commune with deities or perform reiki, we are immune to the struggles of everyday life.

This is a hard topic for me to write about but I feel like right now is the perfect time. For years I have striven to keep personal details about my life away from this blog and to almost make it seem as though everything is perfect, all the time. In an ideal world I wake up early every morning to greet the sunrise, I pray every single day, I write meaningful and enlightening posts consistently and am constantly awakening and learning spiritual abilities.

Reality is very different. And not just for me, for everyone. We are all human beings, and modern human life is often difficult. I will be open here and mention that I suffer from borderline personality disorder, a type of mental illness that causes my brain to basically not work properly a lot of the time. It makes me think things that are untrue, have extreme moods, constant low self-esteem and on the physical level, I am exhausted all the time. In fact, it’s just past 3am as I write this because I couldn’t sleep; insomnia is yet another thing associated with it. It’s rough and I hate it.

But part of us as humans want to believe that some of us are immune to illness and life problems, and that spirituality in some way is a cure for everyday life. But this is simply not true. Spirituality is more of a tool to help us become better and aid us in helping others. It is not a magical cure-all for all of life’s problems and it absolutely does not make a person better, or ‘higher’ than someone else. 

That person who specialises in healing and always seems happy and beaming with light could be battling a shadow greater than you could ever imagine.

That tarot reader who is always knowledgeable about your problems and seems to have all the answers could be struggling with their own life to the point that they’d rather ignore their problems and focus on helping others.

That Priest or Priestess who has dedicated their life to the deities still has to deal with everyday human life; bills, rent, human relationships, family, mental and physical health. Being trained or accredited does not magically whisk away problems.

Being a spiritual person is not a divine insurance against ‘real life’. It does not make us immune to depression and other mental and physical illnesses. In fact, from experience I have found that many spirit workers deal with these issues and it is precisely that which guided them into their faith and spirituality.

So I guess what this post is really about is a pledge to be kind to others. Be kind to your spirit workers, your blog writers, your tarot readers. Understand that all of us are human, we all have our own lives. We wish we could be a thousand percent dedicated to our deities at all times, but this is impossible. Be patient with us, and we will provide services to the best of our abilities. But also remember that we are not miracle workers and often real life comes first.

And to spirit workers of all kinds, look after yourself first and foremost. You cannot help others if you do not care for yourself. Your body and mind is sacred and a vessel in which we can relay information and healing to others. Look after it and be grateful for your ability to share and experience life here on Earth.


This post was prompted by some recent experiences I have had, as well as those of my friends in the spirit working community. Please, take care and look after yourselves.

4 thoughts on “Spirituality and the Facade of Wholeness”

  1. You are a very special person also (^-^) It is taking lots of courage to talk about yourself openly. I appreciate that very much, take care also. And keep on doing this awesome blog. I am so ‘closed’ person, I rather read other’s blogs. Maybe one day I shall also be capable to write something about me. Your blog is just wonderful 🌸 🌸 🌸

  2. A much needed post. Sprituality is never a fix for human life, and physical and mental health issues take their toll on us all. I have depression and have felt like I’m not a “good enough” Pagan at times when I’m at the low points, but it’s so important to remember that all of us, no matter how spiritual, struggle. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting and for reading! I certainly feel that it is something often overlooked and something we are made to feel bad about. And I can totally relate to the ‘not good enough’ feeling, especially when it feels like everyone else out there is so focused!

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