Card of the Week: The Hanged Man

This week’s card comes from the Dragon Tarot by Peter Pracownik, a deck that holds a special place in my heart being the first tarot deck I ever used back when I was 16. This deck goes heavy on the esoteric symbolism but that makes it a joy to work with. I find this deck one of the most proficient when it comes to one card readings.


The question asked this week was “What do I need to avoid this week?” and the card drawn was the Hanging Dragon (The Hanged Man) upright.

KEYWORDS: Self-sacrifice, suspension, rest, receiving inner wisdom, letting go, looking at a problem from another viewpoint


IMAGERY: A dragon appears to be resting, wrapped around a bare, black tree. A shield with three crowns rests (the coat of arms of King Arthur) to his left alongside some human skeletons. A crescent moon shines in the starry sky, though there is a sunset in the background. At the top of the card a glittering prism floats. Some mist is present around the dragon. On the bottom of the card is the symbol of Neptune.

SYMBOLISM: Tree – Tree of life/knowledge, Shield – protection, Crowns – Authority, leader, Bones/skulls – death, rest, renewal, Crescent moon – hidden knowledge, Sunset – The end of a cycle, Prism/top of triangle – higher knowledge, Mist – Element of water, secrecy, ties in with Neptune

INTERPRETATION: This card indicates that I need to let go of old patterns that are no longer serving me and I need to take a step back to reassess. The theme of self-sacrifice is always prevalent with this card and I need to think about what that means for me. It seems that I need to give up some things in order to be able to move forward, even if I don’t like it.

This card also indicates to me that perhaps I am ‘sleeping on the job’ when it comes to reaching my set goals. I am often distracted and even ignorant to what needs to be done. I need to stop sometimes and think about what I really want, what my long-term goals are and to make sure I am moving towards them.

When I focus in on the question ‘what do I need to avoid this week?‘ I read this as that I need to stop giving into distraction and procrastination. I need to keep in mind my goals and quite literally ‘hang in there’. Also quite importantly, I need to not make everything about me and to think of others. I know what to do and how to do it, I need to commit or my efforts are a waste.

Forgiveness is also associated with this card and so I need to remember that I should love myself and others and look at things from other points of view. Things are often not what they seem and I should not be so quick to judge. I have access to the knowledge I need in order to make the best decision.

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