Card of The Week: The Ace of Cups (Reversed)

Welcome again to my card of the week! Last week’s card was Justice and it played out exactly as it predicted. I mentioned last week that I was asking spirit for signs related to a decision I wanted to make. Not long after I pulled Justice I actually received a clear answer and so I will go forth with my plan. I hope to unveil it here in the future.

Card from the Wild Unknown Deck

This week’s card is The Ace of Cups (Reversed). Ah yes, those pesky reverse cards. In fact, I was sure this entire deck was ‘right’ way up, but I still managed to draw this card. I do believe that reading reverse cards is important though, as without them we are only reading half of the deck!

KEYWORDS: Dissatisfaction, focusing too much on the material, rejection, disappointment


IMAGERY: This card is from the Wild Unknown deck, but it’s imagery is similar to the traditional Rider-Waite card. This card shows a single cup, upside-down in the case of the reversed card. In the traditional card a hand is shown holding the cup which a fountain of water rises out of. A dove holding a cross is seen flying into the cup.

SYMBOLISM: A cup – emotions, beginnings, blue – water, emotions

My question was ‘What do I need to focus on this week?’ 

This card tells me that I am seeking certain rewards for the wrong reasons. I need to hone down on focus on what I want to achieve with my goals and make sure they are more than just material. I do have a mix of spiritual, health, material and other goals but I have to admit that money does motivate me most – like a lot of people, I’m sure!

This card is about learning to balance myself more, learning to be okay with not receiving rewards for everything I do and to keep my heart in the right place. Not everything in my life needs to be related to making money! It’s a hard thing to come to terms with as I work from home and my artwork and the occasional reading here and there are my only income, so I do tend to look for more ways to make money.

The message I feel this card is giving me this week is that I need to reevaluate what my motivations and goals are. How will they make me feel in the long-term? I take this as a welcome reminder to pinpoint exactly what I want in life and to focus on what is important to me.

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