Card of The Week: Justice

Hello everyone! I am starting a new weekly post which I hope I’ll be able to do consistently. I usually draw a tarot card for myself once a week and I thought it might be useful to others if I share my personal insights into the card as well as the general associations and meanings.

Each week I will use a different deck and so will have slightly different meanings even with the same card. Hopefully if nothing else, you will find it interesting and at most, helpful.

This week’s card is XI/11, Justice (upright). 

Card from the Crow Tarot

KEYWORDS: Justice, law, truth, balance, fairness, decision-making


IMAGERY: In the Crow Tarot, the illustration shows a crow flying upwards towards a crown, scales in it’s claws. It appears to be wearing a red blindfold.

SYMBOLISM: Scales – Balance, Crown – Well-ordered thoughts, oneself, staying true to oneself, Open wings – Honesty, nothing to hide, Blindfold – Objectivity, impartiality, fairness, blindness, ignoring consequences

Justice from the Rider-Waite Tarot

My question this week was ‘What do I need to know this week?

Justice indicates that I need to be aware of how my decisions affect my own well-being as well as that of others. I need to ask myself if I accept the consequences of any decisions I make this week and to be aware that with karma, I will be judged. Things are not as clear as I thought and I need to spend some time speaking with my higher self and with spirit in order to set a clearer path.

This makes sense to me as I am currently trying to make a decision between two things and have asked for signs, not yet received them and so I have grown impatient. This card lets me know that spirit has most definately heard me and I need to be more patient. I need to think about the pros and cons of each path and to do more research, instead of entirely depending on spirit.

This is a bigger decision than I anticipated and so I need to think about it more, think about how it affects those around me and also about my spiritual and physical needs. I am close to my goal but now is the time for proper planning and consideration.

My goal for this week then is to research more on this topic, speak to spirit and the kami and figure out what I want to do.

Note: This is a personal decision currently, but it is likely I will share the outcome on this blog in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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