A Story of Manifestation

It’s been a while, friends. As usual I’ve been pretty busy with work but also with lots of other goings on. Firstly, and before I forget, I now have a twitter and an instagram if you are inclined to follow. Updates are currently pretty sporadic, but they are more active than this blog for now!

Surgery and Mobility Worries

Today I would like to share a story of a recent event and explain why I have been so busy. As you may or may not know, I have been awaiting news of surgery regarding my legs due to P.A.E.S. (popliteal artery entrapment syndrome). I had to go through a lot of different doctors and tests to rule out other things before they would even consider it but now it’s been done and my surgery date is the 28th October – for the first leg. I will have to have at least two surgeries and possibly more, but this is all in the hope that they’ll be able to help me walk properly again. Unfortunately, they are exploratory surgeries and so there may be further complications but all I can do right now is hope for the best.

My main issue with the surgery was that we (my fiancé and my housemate) live in a first floor flat with no elevator access. This would not be suitable at all for me post-surgery and so we set out looking for a new place.

House Hunting

We knew we needed a place with at least two bedrooms and a lower floor, so I could sleep downstairs post-surgery. A downstairs bathroom would be needed too. Searching on many house renting websites, things were not looking up. They would either not accept pets (a big must for us!), be way out of our budget or simply not respond. I was worried about my credit too as I recently found out I had a bill I was not aware of that had been going to an old address and completely shattered my credit score!

All through this period I consulted my tarot cards, made regular prayers and requests to Inari-Ōkamisama and the Universe to help. But I couldn’t help but feel down and frustrated with the amount of negativity experienced with the renting scene, and I started to doubt whether or not we’d be able to find a place in time.

Turning to Manifestation Rituals


I started to think about things from a different angle. I had had success with manifesting desires before; in fact it has always worked for me but it takes a lot of spiritual energy. But I needed this, and I deserved this. And so I set about declaring my needs and my intentions to the Universe. I specified that I wanted a ‘three-bedroom house with a garden and a downstairs bathroom, somewhere quiet and near nature and parks’. I wrote affirmations and created a sigil – my preferred form of magic. From the ritual I created a pouch which I carried with me from then on. I did the ritual on the New Moon in August. I won’t write out the exact ritual I did right now, but I may do so in the future as now I know it certainly works!

After the ritual, I read out my affirmations every morning and combined that with visualising and prayer. I would pray to Inari-Ōkamisama and thank them for the work they were doing on realising my manifestation goal, removing any obstacles from my way.

My dedication and belief were especially strong during this period, and although I had some doubts (especially after viewing a less-than-ideal house), I continued to put my faith into Inari-Ōkamisama and the power of manifestation. I also got several tarot readings by others on the matter, all of which convinced me that I would get a house.

Maple House

It happened in early September. My housemate found a nice looking house on a renting website, and it… looked too good to be true. It had three bedrooms, a garden with a greenhouse, a downstairs and upstairs bathroom. It was near a large park with woodlands and fishing ponds and in a quiet area. The whole area has streets named after trees. The listing stated ‘PETS WELCOME!’. All signs pointed to this being the house I had manifested.

We contacted the estate agents and asked about it; it was still available and they said they would contact us after the weekend regarding a viewing. Days went by and nothing. It was strange, I felt so strongly about this place before I had even visited. The previous house we had viewed had a bad energy about it, very heavy and the air felt ‘busy’, so I was desperate to find somewhere else. I had also been consulting thr tarot about homes and I had gotten the message to not jump on the first home we viewed.

Something that was strange was that all of us, even my housemate who is not pagan or very spiritually inclined, were convinced that this was out house. This was the one. We already started making plans regarding moving, and had to try and reel it in a bit so as to not be too disappointed should we not get this house. I dreamt of this house, this was the one, my dreams said.

After what seemed like ages, we got invited to view the house, I’ll call it ‘Maple House’. I looked forward to it all week, still repeating and focusing on my affirmations and praying that this was the one. It still seemed too good to be true.

The Holly Bush

It was a mild Saturday in September and we drove into the area the house was located. It was beautiful, full of old buildings from the 19th century and a church dating back to the 16th century. The area itself was very spaced out with houses of different ages and clusters of trees (as I later found out, the area used to be entirely woodland like much of England).

Upon arriving at the house the first thing I noticed was a holly bush outside. Holly has an important meaning for me, being druid. It has a strong connection with the Green Man and with protection and cleansing of all kinds. I immediately felt this was a positive sign and was so excited to live in a home that had a holly bush outside!

We met the estate agent, a lovely woman, inside the house and immediately I had a strong feeling of joy – the type that envelopes your entire body and makes you giddy, I couldn’t stop smiling. The house was beautiful – recently refurbished, clean and spacious, the garden was wonderful – a mix of paving, grass and flower beds. Various bushes and a couple of trees lined the garden which led down towards the greenhouse. I would have stayed in that garden all day if the estate agent didn’t drag us around the rest of the house.

The kitchen was large and open, the downstairs bathroom also had a shower/bath – perfect for me! Upstairs the bedrooms were full of light, and another bathroom laid between them. The only issue I saw was with the stairs being a little steeper than I’m used to, but that would be worth it.

Something interesting and coincidental (or not!) is that the previous renters had to move out due to the wife having a problem with her legs and now needed a bungalow. I told the lady that we were specifically looking to move because of my legs, she seemed as amused as we were!

Wishful Thinking?

After the house tour, the estate agent led us back into the living room where she went over the rent, the terms and such and also told us that ten other people were viewing the house that weekend. I felt a little crestfallen, reality had suddenly settled in. How could we – three young adults – secure this house over say, a lovely old couple or a young family? Everything else seemed fine, she told us she would assess us as a group, rather than individually so I didn’t need to worry. But I was so anxious about hearing about the house now, I’d be so crushed if someone else got it at this point.

A week went by and we checked our email anxiously every day. I started to have doubts, my brain kept reminding me that we’re not really priority when it comes to things like this, my brain told me we didn’t deserve it.


And then one day, my fiancé sent me a message ‘CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!’. As fast as I could, I logged in and OH MY GOD THE NOISE I MADE!! ‘Congratulations, you have got the house! When would you like to move in? :D’

I couldn’t believe it! We had the house! This lovely, lovely house in a nice town, near so much nature. I’d have a work room, a garden!! I felt as though I’d won the lottery! Everything went through so smoothly, it was still feeling too good to be true but that was fine right now!

It turns out that the estate agent had liked us SO much, she had argued our case. She loved our enthusiasm and energy, and although the landlord had initially been keen on someone else, she had stayed firm. And so thanks to her, thanks to my housemate, thanks to Inari-Ōkamisama and the Universe, I am now preparing to move home on the 17th October!

I intend to update you all with photos, especially once the work room and altar/kamidana areas are up. I am also thinking of creating a small altar or shrine in the garden for the house spirits that welcomed us with open arms. I am beyond excited!

My Thoughts on Manifestation

This is not the first time I have manifested something, and I know it certainly will not be the last. I have varying theories on why it works, but that would be an entire post in itself. I do think it has to do with attracting the right energy and people into your life though, and also hyper-focusing on something so much that your entire being just attracts that which you desire.

I think of it as similar to being pessimistic. If I am pessimistic and depressed, I think bad things will happen to me, and they do. I am continually attracting negative energy, bad people and I don’t even realise I am doing it. So if I flip that and pour all of my focus and being into positive attraction, then good things should and do happen!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about this story of manifestation, whether you believe in it or not. Maybe we are just very lucky, maybe this was meant to be. All I know is that from the moment we saw that house, we knew – and not just me – all of us. We knew that was the house we are supposed to live in right now. And the estate agent knew too!

Thank you so much for reading!


4 thoughts on “A Story of Manifestation”

  1. Wow, congrats on the new house, it sounds amazing! I’ve never tried working to manifest a physical thing into my life, but it sounds like whatever you did worked, so I might have to give it a go!

    1. Thanks so much! I really believe it works, I think just zoning in and focusing on something like that really helps, whether it’s psychological or magic or what! Good luck with your manifestations too!

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