Little Update

Hey all, apologies for the absence! I am not too good at keeping this blog updated. The truth is that I am going through another rough patch in my life right now with my health. For months I have had very little energy to do much at all, let along write. But it’s funny, I received a spam comment notification for this blog and came to delete it, but then felt a compulsion to update.

Lately I haven’t really being doing any big grand rituals or anything of the like. Instead my worship has been quiet, sometimes informal, sometimes just a ‘thank you’ every now and then. I’ve had a lot of pokes from both Loki and Inari in the form of some pretty blatant signs too. I’ve spent more time communicating to Inari how I used to, sitting in front of the kamidana, or outside and just feeling her words. There were some things said that really made me think and made a difference, but they are personal so I won’t share them here.

I’ve felt a rush of creativity in the past month too. This has been particularly welcome as I’ve been in an art block for most of the year. My main inspiration at the moment is deer of all shapes and sizes. I love to draw and paint them.

Anyway, I hope to make more structured posts here again soon, and I hope you all are well. Thanks for reading!

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