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Wrapping Up The Year

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I sincerely apologise for that. I’ve been busy recovering from my surgery and then catching up on work. I’m glad to say that Inari-Okamisama blessed me in huge ways and I have been recovering super well! I’m so grateful for everything I’ve experienced over the past few months!

I’m currently preparing for my pagan Yule ritual and my Shinto New Years (Oshōgatsu – 正月) ceremonies. I’ll be sure to take photos for the blog and do a write up! I have much to prepare, especially for the Shinto ceremonies. In short it involves making new shide, charging a new goshintai I obtained for Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, presenting offerings, getting some alcohol for Inari-Okamisama and cleaning everything. Usually I will always replace the ofuda too but this year Fushimi Inari Taisha have a delay on sending them out due to the weather disasters this year. I am sure Inari-Okamisama will not mind too much though!

For me, Yule and New Year revolve heavily around being grateful and act as a way for me to review the previous year and plan for the next. It is an exciting time of year where I focus on bettering myself and work towards my goals. In fact, I spent much of my surgery recovery breaking down large goals into smaller steps and making action plans in one of my bullet journals. I’m excited to experience 2019 and everything it has to offer!

What are you guys doing for Yule and the New Year? I’d love to hear about what other people do, your traditions and paths and if you have any personal goals that you set!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The Year”

  1. Yule has been kind of a turning point for me this year. I finally got myself together to say a prayer, think about the season and enjoy the day! Actually having a good time really brought it home to me that the past 3 – 4 years have been s*** lol. Next year we want to celebrate the full 12 days of Yule, and I’m really excited about that. As for New Year, I make 3 resolutions every year, and we see the old year out and the new year in…the usual stuff. We also have myths from the Eddas and the Bible that we read on Yule and New Year’s Eve, and on Yule I always make soup with roast potatoes to dip in lol. I know it sounds weird, but it’s really good!

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