My Current Focus – Updates And The Future Of This Blog

Hey everyone, apologies for a long silence. I’ve been debating what to do with my blog here as it’s hard to keep creating Shinto-related content considering I don’t live in Japan and can’t visit shrines. Of course this doesn’t make me any less of a Shinto follower, just that it can be hard to update relating to Shinto that is not based on my own personal experience. So I’ve been thinking about what to post lately a lot.

Working with Bast

Recently I’ve actually been getting back into witchcraft, a path I followed before I became familiar with Shinto. There’s a lovely kind of nostalgia about it and I’ve felt a calling as of late. A deity I worked with a while ago who I feel has continuously been in my life is Bast/Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of pleasure, protection, cats, the arts and much more. I feel a lot of the same type of energy as Inari-Ōkami when I work with Bast. This does fit my belief that all deities and kami are a part of a big universal energy and are simply facets of that same energy and so it’s been very easy to just begin working with other deities again.

Because of my rekindled relationship with Bast I have been researching more into kemeticism/Egyptian neo-paganism. I always make sure to keep any paths/pantheons I work with separate in terms of worship and even more so with Shinto. The amount of similarities I’ve found between Ancient Egyptian religious practices and Shinto is astounding –  I’m going to have to make a post on it! So once again things just kind of fit right and I’m moving forward on my eclectic journey.

Inari-Ōkami and My Heart

Of course I continue to see Inari-Ōkami as my primary kami and I still work with her every day. I admit that I’ve been struggling with my health recently and my mind and my heart have felt clouded, being unable to hear the messages of the kami. As I came back to witchcraft and paganism I’ve slowly felt myself being cleansed, shedding the negativity and rigidity that I’ve come to experience lately. It literally feels like chunks of a black matter are dropping from my spirit being and dissipating, leaving me more pure of heart and able to communicate with the kami and the deities.

I continue to perform ceremonies in honour of Inari-Ōkami and other kami at least once a month but usually on the 1st and 15th of the month. I am working on rebuilding my relationship with Inari-Ōkami through meditation and divination at the moment.

Misconceptions About ‘Fox of Inari’

I’ve had a lot of emails and messages over the years asking me a variety of strange questions and statements such as ‘I am a kitsune’, ‘How can I transform into a kitsune?’ and other such things. Although I have no problem with otherkin and therians, that is not what my blog is about. I am a practitioner of the Shinto religion in the Fushimi Inari Taisha style, and I try to represent the faith as accurately as I can. Because of that please know that I don’t deal with such things as fox-possession, fox lore and other folk-beliefs. I am aware of them of course and I am not trying to say your experiences are fake, just know that I am not any kind of expert on this and I’d ask you politely to refrain from messaging me about that.

The Future of This Blog

I feel that by keeping this blog mainly Shinto-related I am severely restricting it in various ways. Not only am I unable to report anything Shinto directly from Japan, I am also only able to write about my personal experiences. Most of what I learn is from fellow Shintoists, online and from books. I’d like to write more about my spiritual experiences here too including ritual, spells, tarot and divination, deities and other things.

Of course if you came here for Shinto only, I understand. That is not all of who I am though – it is a huge part of my faith though. Some Shinto blogs I would recommend following are:

I am also thinking of changing my blog name in the future but for now I will stick with Fox of Inari. I am going to use this more as a personal blog for my own experiences too including monthly tarot readings, research on deities, rituals and more.

Thanks for reading and I apologize if this is not too concise – I’ve been struggling a lot lately so thank you for being patient with me!


5 thoughts on “My Current Focus – Updates And The Future Of This Blog”

  1. I’m sorry to see that you’ve been struggling so much; I hope things start to improve for you soon.

    Sometimes you just have to go where you’re being led…otherwise everything ends up strained and rigid. I look forward to reading your future posts 😊

  2. It sounds like a new direction is healthy for you, I look forward to following your journey. I myself have been trying to ding my own multi faith path and your blog has been an inspiration and a voice of “this is ok, faiths can coexist.” For me so I say go for what feels right and thank you for sharing your experiences !

  3. I am an eclectic Pagan, and I found this blog because I’ve been doing the opposite: feeling a pull toward Shinto, because I feel stalled in my Pagan practices!

    I see what you are saying about the similarities between Shinto and Kemeticism. I’ve found similar practices, such as daily ritual/offerings, in Shinto, Hinduism, Ancient Roman Paganism, and Heathenry. Since the practices are the same, I can only conclude that their inspiration comes from the same divine source. This would mean that you are not dishonoring anything by going where you feel you are led.

    Good luck, fellow seeker!

    1. So sorry for the late response!

      And yes! I believe the same about the same divine source. Otherwise it’s a huge coincidence that so many cultures have the same ideas and similar practices. I love researching other faiths too because I always fine similarities and it really makes me feel closer to the ‘whole’.

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