Negativity is a part of life

I made this post on my personal Facebook account, but I felt that it is really something I’d like to share with my readers here.

Recently there has been a lot of negativity in my life, lots of stress too and it’s been wearing me down, clouding my heart and making me and most likely others around me feel exhausted. I try to not post about such negativeness here, as I believe in the spreading of happiness and by posting happy and inspiring words I can help others.

But in human life and society we must remember that there are negative feelings, kegare, ‘pollution’ which affects us and makes us feel down. It is part of the life experience and I feel that it is important to let our fellow humans know when we feel like this too. By sharing our experiences we open the door for others to feel okay to express themselves and know that there is always a duality, a flow of energies both positive and negative. These are what make up life, and we should acknowledge them.

Sometimes I feel that being Shinto, I must always convey a pure, happy and spiritual front. But I am not kamisama, though even kami have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides! I feel that repressing the feelings and negative energies that are in all of us is a way to create even more kegare and give it more power. By expressing ourselves in ranting, venting, maybe martial arts, maybe art, we release this energy and give it back to the Universe. Then we can create more space for positive energies to flow in.

So I am acknowledging that right now I am stressed and that I am sick. But that’s okay. It is a reminder I have been blessed with life, and that I am living here and now in this world. I know that this time will not last forever and it is simply a step in my development as a person.

No matter how spiritual or devoted you are to kami, God or the deity of your chosing, know that it’s okay to get angry and to feel human emotions. It’s okay to have self-care days, off-days and even to ‘take a break’ from your practices. I feel that by accepting who we are and what we can do, we become closer with kamisama in the long run, and it makes us a better and more sincere person.

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