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Kami of the Sky

Tanabata night (7th July-8th July) I had a very vivid dream in which I found a small shrine inside a children’s playground. The playground itself seemed to be rather old with paint peeling off the animal characters, the old playground painted in pastel shades of pink, purple, yellow and green.

The shrine itself had a natural coloured wooden torii, as well as some signs in Japanese about the kami. I recall that I was able to read enough that I found out the kami was one of the sky and the stars. There was also a depiction of the kami; a stocky male character, almost reminding me of Overwatch’s Hanzo, with a touch of the kami Tenjin. I defiantly felt a strong masculine force from the shrine, one I have not felt before.

I know that this was a kami reaching out, but despite the lack of a name, I still thought ‘Tenjin’ when I woke up the following morning. Strangely, I had prayed for help from the kami with my Japanese studies on tanabata and so Tenjin would indeed be an ideal kami to assist me with this. In fact, the kanji written to spell Tenjin’s name, 天 and 神 actually do mean ‘Sky god/deity‘, although Tenjin himself is a kami of education. and scholarship.

In fact, while writing this post, I am becoming more convinced that it was indeed Tenjin who called out to me and perhaps the ‘sky’ part of his name is what I had read in the dream. Could it also be a coincidence that the offerings I made on Tanabata were plums, with Tenjin’s associated tree being the Chinese plum tree? 

The ‘image’ of the kami I saw could be created from my mind’s library of Shinto kami, and resulted in a much younger looking kami, but with the same ‘feel’ as Tenjin. In any case, I aim to try to contact Tenjin through prayer and see if it was indeed him who made this calling.

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