Some downtime

Hey everyone! Apologies for the long silence, I’ve been not too well and I’m trying to get over it. But I’m still here! Even though I’ve not been doing tarot readings for others for a few months, I’m still doing daily and weekly tarot readings for myself and recording them in a diary. I’m wondering if I should share them here actually! I know it might not be the most interesting thing for everyone but it might be a nice way to share my experiences and my readings.

I’m working on getting my health back under control right now but after that I’m going to try and actually get a blog schedule going too I think! I’d like to write some more Shinto-related posts for here, as well ad Druidry ones. What would you guys be interested in seeing?

So yeah, just a small update to let you guys know that I’m still around! I hope everyone is okay!


2 thoughts on “Some downtime

  1. I think it would be a lovely insight into tarot to read about your personal experience with it, as well as any followups for previous readings! As far Shintoism vs. Druidry, both would be excellent, though I have a slight bias towards your Shinto content.


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