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The Simple Power of Walking

Hey everyone, I am sorry for the extended absence from this blog. It has become apparent to me that trying to create a blog schedule is not something I am adept at! Since this blog has always intended to be a personal record of my spiritual journey I feel that sporadic posts may just be part of the package.

Since I last posted, I have become much more involved with my Bardic studies at OBOD (the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) and have started to properly incorporate the druidry views and ethics into my daily practice. The amount of similarities I see between druidry and Shinto are many and I hope to soon write a post on that too. Druidry in many aspects can be seen as a British version of Shinto, and that excites me! I have a lot to write on the subject so hopefully spring will inspire me to write more (as well as tracking my habits on habitica – give me a shout if you’re on there!)

Today I did something I haven’t done in a while. I walked. I simply put on my jacket and left. This may not seem like a big deal to many of you but I am very much a productive person and just simply ‘walking’ has always seemed like a waste of time to me. I always have to at least have a podcast or audio course to listen to or even reply to emails or tweets as I go. But this time I purposely left my phone on my desk.

I walked into the small meadow next to where I live. It’s just a little park with various trees and wildflowers and I’ve walked through it a few times but I’ve never really experienced it. This time I went forth in a kind of walking meditation, feeling the energies of the earth, the trees and the plants as I went. It felt as though I was meeting new friends. I had never before really taken the time to look at the various tree species and wildflowers, the wood pigeons sitting on their nests and the robin perched on the fence. My feet became wet through my thin shoes from the morning dew and a light breeze filled with the scent of the newly growing flora hit my face.

Yes, being a public park there was of course litter – various sweet and crisp packets through among the baby trees, a bike tire here and a plastic bag there. But life was prevailing. A powerful image that I experienced was some small bushes that had been cut to their very bases – perhaps for regrowth – but seemingly dead to the world. And yet, among their roots, shooting up through the dead leaves and occasional chocolate bar wrapper were young daffodils. I always remember that quote from Jurassic Park in instances like this ‘Life will find a way’.

I have inquired with the local council about a clean up for that area too, whether or not they are doing it or if I physically have to go out with a bin bag and do it myself. I wouldn’t mind of course, hopefully my partner will join in and we can take it slow. But I never would have even thought to ask about it before educating myself more about druidry. I feel it is absolutely allowing me to live more in touch with my core values.

And so this profound experience, this closeness to nature – I didn’t need to go to stone henge or the wilderness. I simply needed to go outside and really observe my local area. If we do this with a heart of compassion and the want and need to understand, I feel that all of us will become more proactive about the environment and feel a deeper sense of peace in our own lives.

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