8 Ways to Celebrate Spring

Spring is a wonderful time for planning, exploring, planting and really taking the time to energize ourselves. The days are finally getting longer, the sun is out (between all those April showers of course!) and the birds are singing. Spring is my absolute favourite time of the year. I love the fresh and busy feeling and the cool breezes. And of course all the cute baby animals we get to see this time of year! It is truly a time for celebration!

Here are eight things you can do in your life and local area to celebrate the Spring!

Go for a Walk: Take a walk in your local area. What signs do you see that tell you it’s now spring? Perhaps you see wild flowers, particular birds or even a change in how other people are dressing. Doing this is a lot more powerful for your internal clock than staring at the dates on a calendar, and you’ll also remember the signs of spring for the future. You could even get some local plant or animal guides to help you identify all that you see.

What wild flowers are blooming right now in your local area?

Spring Clean and Declutter: Spring is a perfect time to clean your home. The milder weather gives us a lot more energy and the longer hours inspire us to do more. Now is the time for a proper deep clean – by doing this we are not only keeping our home hygenic and loved, but we are opening ourselves up to the Universal energy that we are open to new things and that we are ready to accept positive energy into our lives. In spring I also make it a habit to declutter things I have acquired over the holidays or the past year – maybe foods, cards and the like. As a rule of thumb, if I haven’t used it over the past 12 months I probably don’t need it! I recycle when I can or donate books and clothes to my local charity shops.

Donate Food: For our ancestors, Spring was a difficult time. They would have been running low on resources gathered in the Autumn, foraging foods are not yet available and many animals are not yet back from their migrations. By the act of donating food to your local supermarket bin, church or homeless shelter, you are not only helping a great cause but also honoring your ancestors. If you want to keep your donations ‘in the family’, you can create gift baskets or cook a meal!

Gardening: Spring is the prime time for many seeds to be planted. Whether or not you have a garden, you can still plant seeds with the intention to nurture and care for the plant as it grows. If you do have a garden, now is the time to tidy up and weed your garden, creating a clean and safe space for your new seeds to grow. If you don’t have a garden and are not allowed or unable to keep house plants, you can plant seeds in a metaphorical way – state your goals and intentions now for manifesting later in the year. Places like B&Q will often have seed planting guides, or you can find them online or from your local community.

Spring is the optimal time for planting

Community Work: If you are able to, donate some of your time to local community work. This could be helping with a community garden, woodland maintenance, animal rescues or even litter removal. It gets you out and under the sun and by giving to the community, you are opening yourself up for positivity to flow your way.

Buy from a Farmer’s Market: Support your local farmers at this time of year where they are working incredibly hard to plant new produce. Many farmer’s markets will sell cheese, bread, honey, ales and other delicious local-made food and drink. This is especially good if you are an ethical eater, sourcing locally can allow you to know exactly what goes into your food, how the animals are culled and where exactly it is grown.

Make a Springtime Altar: Decorate your existing altar with flowers, leaves and spring produce or create a new one, especially for Spring. If you like, you can dedicate it to a deity associated with spring, the season itself, an animal or even your ancestors of blood or tradition. It is advised that you research your local wild flowers before picking them for decoration – there are many endangered species in the UK and Worldwide. Even better would be to grow your own plants or herbs for sacred reasons or support a local florist.

Research your local wildlife: It is amazing how many of us know about various sacred traditions and the meanings of particular animals in those traditions. How many of us have Wolf, Bear or Eagle as a totem or spirit animal? What about Crows? Magpies and Jays? Even Squirrels, Stoats or the lowly Pigeon? Research your local wildlife and see what they mean to you. You can find a list of your local wildlife from mammals to reptiles, invertebrates to trees and plants by searching for your local Wildlife Trust. They keep comprehensive lists of the local wildlife for your area including a map where you can check where the animal has been sighted. Although it’s nice to have powerful animal spirits, it also benefits us to find out what energies we are working with directly on a day to day basis.

Common everywhere but perhaps for good reason. What does the pigeon have to tell us about ourselves?

I hope you enjoyed this post on eight things you can do to celebrate spring in your area! Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below or email me at!

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive spring time!

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