My Birth Card: Keeper of Sacred Tradition (The Bull)

So I started doing a daily challenge over on my Instagram! (shameless plug, please give me a follow!) It’s called the #tarotnerdschallenge and it’s a lot of fun so far! Granted I only joined yesterday but still. It’s fun and inspiring to see other people post photos to the prompts and I’m discovering new things about myself!

The challenge looks like this:


Be sure to head over to Instagram if you want to do it, starting late is fine – that’s what I did! Alternatively you could use the prompts for your blog, twitter or other types of posts! The creators of this challenge are @shonna and @newagehipster333 by the way, please go follow them if you like this kinda thing and you want to show them some love!

Today I’m writing a little about my birth card: The Hierophant. In the Animal Wisdom Tarot it’s the Bull, the Keeper of Sacred Tradition. How did I work this out? Here are the guidelines to help you work out your birth card!


And here is the card in the Animal Wisdom Tarot:


The Keeper of Sacred Tradition

I love this deck so much, I really do. The artwork is gorgeous and it really speaks to me. The Hierophant is sometimes known as a High Priest or even Pope in some other decks. Here, it is the ‘Keeper of Sacred Tradition’.

The Hierophant is all about faith, religion and secrets. This card is number 5 in the major arcana – a number associated with spirituality and religion. It is associated with Taurus and ruled by the planet Venus. As I am a spiritual individual and follow the path of Shinto as strictly as I can, this card resonates with me on a deep level. However I need to remember that it is also okay to go against the norm at times.

I feel that this birth card really showcases the fact that I am able to channel energies and deities through the tarot and aligns with my soul purpose in life – To serve others and empower them to manifest their best possible future through tarot. The Hierophant also encourages me to look at life in many different ways and feed my esoteric knowledge from a variety of paths.

The keys around the bull’s neck shows me that I have the wisdom and experience to do what I need to in life. As I gain more insights I feel that I will gain even more keys. I associate the bull with custom, ritual, tradition and religion, all things that are very important in my life.

Traditionally this card represents authority and conformity which are somewhat the ‘darker’ aspects of the Hierophant. I feel that this card calls me to understand the balance between conformity and non-conformity in my life, especially when it comes to Shinto and tarot. ‘The Keeper of the Sacred Tradition’ very much speaks to me; Shinto is a sacred and ancient tradition which is very slowly influencing Westerners too. By sharing my knowledge about the faith (in a non-forceful way of course!) I feel that my journey aligns very much with this card.

I have always felt a strong urge to teach and inspire others throughout my life. I feel that the Hierophant is most likely responsible for these urges and I know that these wishes will manifest in the years to come.

The Bull and What It Means To Me


The bull has always been a favourite animal of mine, being a Taurus. To me it represents a solid foundation, material wealth and masculine energy. Bulls are stable and powerful animals that humans seem to respect immensely through history.

In many cultures cattle are seen as sacred animals, particularly in India and in the Hindu religion where cattle are often decorated during festivals and religious events. The cow is seen as a sacred animal because it connects with the divine, is a symbol of the Earth and produces life-sustaining milk whilst asking nothing in return. It is believed that the cow started out as a symbol of the Goddess in early Mediterranean religion and later became a symbol of wealth across the middle-East.

The bull is said to be a vehicle of the Gods, particularly Shiva. Shiva’s bull is known as Nandi (नन्दि) and has various shrines dedicated to it.

A Nandi Bull sculpture at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, a historical site in India (Image: Wikipedia)

Also cattle are now mistreated across many countries and treated as nothing more than a provider of milk and meat, the animal still holds an important role in many cultures. It is seen as a powerful creature which symbolizes masculinity (or femininity for cows) and power.

Bullfighting is an issue which is close to my heart and is a horrific sport in which a bull is ‘fought’, tortured and killed for sport or because it has ‘cultural importance’. Bulls are usually bred especially for this purpose and bullfighting is deeply ingrained in many countries and religions history. The fact that the bull suffers so greatly at the hands of man whilst doing us no harm is something that is quite upsetting.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am all for a good cheeseburger! I’m not a vegetarian or vegan but I am a strong believer that animals should live the best and most comfortable and free life possible, even animals bred for meat. Killing for sport is something that will never be okay with me. I could write a whole blog post on this in the future!

Toro, I am Sorry

I will leave you today with a video clip from a beautiful animated movie called the Book of Life. This is a powerful scene in which the protagonist and youngest in a long line of bullfighters apologizes to every single bull his family slaughtered. I admit that this makes me tear up every single time. I sincerely hope that it moves you as it did me.


I hope you enjoyed this little ramble about my birth card, animal and what they mean to me. What is your birth card? I’d love to find like-minded individuals to talk to!

Thank you so much for reading! 


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