Daily Tarot Card: 2nd of March 2017

Good morning everyone!

I have decided to change up my daily tarot card feature a little – instead of drawing a card just for myself I have chosen to draw a card for my readers! So if you have come across this post, then this card has a message for you! This feature also acts like a showcase for all of the beautiful tarot artwork out there so I hope you enjoy this post!

Daily Tarot Card: The Star


About the Deck:

The Radiant Rider-Waite deck is one of the most popular decks on the market today. It is a more vibrant recolored version of the traditional Rider-Waite deck, originally published in 1910. This deck is what most tarot books reference and so is most likely familiar to you, even if you have never read tarot before. The cards are beautiful, colourful and full of signs and symbols designed to unlock your intuition.

About the Card:

The Star is the 17th card in the major arcana. The card shows a naked young woman kneeling at the edge of a pool with one foot on top of the water. In her hands are two red urns out of which pour water – some into the pool and some onto the grass nearby. Seven white stars shine above her in what seems like daylight, with a much larger yellow eighth star above her. The ripples in the pond and the water flowing onto the ground show that the woman is in great concentration and focus.

Spiritual Analysis:

The one foot on the water represents spiritual wisdom and intuition – the element of water is often associated with the inner mind, emotions, feelings and truth. The woman’s other foot on the ground represents more practical and material matters – the element of Earth. These combined show that the woman has a balance of the two.

The water being poured onto the ground is flowing in five separate rivulets, representing the five human senses. The lush greenery around her shows that this water is also fertilizing the Earth and continuing the cycle of life. The woman being naked represents purity and vulnerability, she has nothing to hide. The amount of water and the pool in the image suggest healing and purification.

The bird in the background represents wisdom and untapped potential. The red and orange colouration representing the element of fire and the suit of wands – energy, inspiration, ideas and action.

The stars in the sky above her are suggested to represent the eight chakras, with each star also having eight points. Numerology-wise, the Star is represented by the number 17 and 1+7 = 8. 8 is the number of the card Strength, which is needed in order to achieve the peace and spiritual, material and physical fertility of the woman in the Star. This card is also associated with the astrological sign Aquarius.

Keywords: Hope, Renewal, Inspiration, Serenity, Balance, Spirituality, Recovery

My Message to You:

Today is a day of rest. You’ve been working at everything so fast paced that you’ve been neglecting yourself and your spirituality. The Star asks you to stop and think, really feel the energies around you and to plan your next move. You are due a break and now is the time to really plan it. 

Your chakras are blocked due to the last few busy months and you need to cleanse them and purge the negativity. If you can, get out in nature and listen to the birds, experience the winds and take a walk in a shallow stream. If you are far away from nature why not create it in your home space? Now might be the right time to purchase some potted plants, get a new pet or do some spring cleaning. By cleansing yourself and your atmosphere you can re-balance your senses and find yourself again. 

The Star calls upon you to expand your knowledge on that thing you’ve been interested in; a wikipedia article or two won’t cut it, you really need to hit the local library or pick up some books online. Even better, have a look around for some blogs on your chosen subject, you’ll find that there are individuals who have the precise information you are looking for.

This is very much also the time for personal transformation; get that hair cut or new outfit you’ve been looking at! Don’t care what others think, do what is right for you instead of going with the flow. Only by working towards your true self can you move forward. Try not to follow trend-setters and be yourself.

The message I leave you with today is to take care of yourself, your body, your mind and your spirit. Feed your senses and stimulate your brain. Take some ‘me time’ for yourself. Those emails can wait just another day. It’ll pay off in the long term, I promise you.

Have a fantastic day!


Did this reading speak to you? Would you like to share your thoughts? Please let me know in the comments! 

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Thank you so much for reading!


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