Monthly Tarot Spread: March

Every month I do myself a couple of tarot readings for various reasons: to see where I am on my life path, sometimes for general or spiritual advice and also for business planning. I feel that the first of the month is an excellent time for readings as it feels fresh and new – plus it helps reduce any anxiety I have about the month ahead.

This month I chose to use the Radiant Rider-Waite tarot and created my own ‘spread’ (well technically it’s a three card spread, but my questions are personalized!). The questions I ask are:

  • What do I need to know about the month ahead? 
  • What challenges will I face in the month ahead?
  • How can I move towards my soul purpose in the month ahead? 

So the first question asks basically what I need to know; what energies will be around me in the month ahead and if there’s anything in particular to look out for. The second asks what challenges I will need to face and so what I need to be prepared for.

And the third asks how I can move towards my soul purpose; the soul purpose to me is what we are truly here on Earth to do, our destiny. My soul purpose is, I believe, to help others through the tarot and my artwork and to enrich their lives in doing so.

I am also an intuitive reader meaning that I may receive messages from the cards unrelated to their traditional ‘meaning’. I receive these messages as little bits of text or images popping up in my mind, sometimes it can be sounds or smells too. I always make note of these messages, whether they make sense at the time or not!

Anyways, here is my spread for this month:


What do I need to know about the month ahead?

The Sun: Energy, Success, Completion, Victory, Moving Forward

This month seems to be a very busy one with lots of energy hitting me from all directions.I feel that there will be many positive things that will happen to me and I’ll complete some long-standing projects. I feel I’ll fall into a more leadership position in my life and gain the motivation to work hard at what I love doing in order to bring the future I deserve closer to me.

Seeds that I have sown in the past are finally flowering this month, and with the coming of Spring comes more energy and a renewal of my spirituality. I have much to look forward to so long as I try to stay positive and know that time is always moving forward. I have a strong sense I will meet a new person whilst travelling, someone who will bring a lot of joy and positivity into my life.

What challenges will I face in the month ahead?

Five of Swords: Deception, Clarity, Victory at others costs

Oh, Five of Swords… You’re very familiar right now. Probably because of my daily card not too long ago. This card shows me that the battle has not yet been won and I sadly know this… things are still going on, and even though the storm seemed to have cleared a bit it won’t stop anyone picking up their swords and starting again.

I’m terrified of hurting anyone and I lack the ability to just go ahead and do what I think is right for me. Being a five, I feel that this card is showing me that this problem is going to continue on over the month, I have to just stand my ground and be honest with myself and others. The cards have been reminding me constantly over the last few weeks to just be calm and wait until I can see clearly. This card reminds me of that and I am anxious to see how things unfold over the coming month.

How can I move towards my soul purpose in the month ahead?

Ace of Cups: Creativity, Love, Compassion, Peace

I feel that this month I will be renewing myself on a spiritual and emotional level. I feel a strong need for a spiritual cleansing which I am planning to do tomorrow. This card strongly suggests a new relationship of some kind, I am thinking friendship because of my current romantic situation but life does tend to be unpredictable so I open myself to the spirits to see what they have in store. Whoever this person is, they will help me move towards my soul purpose.

Regarding my soul purpose, I do strongly believe that I am a healer. Therefore this card is suggesting that I perhaps take up a new healing art, creative art or find something which will be beneficial to me on that level. I feel that healing energy is most definately coming my way and I have already been offered prayers and reiki in response to my post about my chronic illness over on my other blog, Fox of Inari. I need to be receptive and try my best to unblock the negative energy that likes to perch itself upon me.


I feel this month will be a creative one with lots of exciting new opportunities. It will be a relief to move on from the negativity of February and get moving forward into fresher territory. By the look of it, I will still have many of the mental struggles I faced in February but the energy surrounding me will be quite different. Using the more positive energies given to me by the gods and by my friends, I’m sure I can deal with my problems in a healthy and compassionate way.


Would you like a reading like this? I am always open for readings of all kinds! Please visit my readings page or my Etsy store below to purchase! 



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