Weekly Reading: The Reader’s Reading

I am currently working my way through Little Red’s Alternative Tarot Course, found here on her website! It’s an excellent course which I will review after I have completed it, I’m enjoying it a lot so far though!

Every week we are encouraged to do a reading, this weeks is ‘The Reader’s Reading’. This reading features six cards and asks the following questions:

1. About you in general: what is your most important characteristic?
2. What strengths do you already have as a reader?
3. What limits do you feel as a reader?
4. What key lesson can you learn on your developmental journey?
5. How can you be open to learning and developing on this journey?
6. What is the potential outcome of this journey?

Here are the cards I drew using the Animal Wisdom Tarot:



  1. About you in general: what is your most important characteristic?

Six of Feathers/Swords (Pelican): Moving on, Emotional turbulence, Letting go

This card shows that my most important characteristic is my ability to move on from emotional turbulence and to let go of problems. Although this card often means that a regretful but painful transition needs to take place, I feel that in this position it is stating it as a characteristic. Therefore I believe this card is re-enforcing the fact that I am able to deal with and move on with turbulence, whether I feel like I can or can’t in that exact moment. The pelican as a totem animal shows me that I need to take care of myself and go inward to figure out my problems. I also need to focus on balancing my care for others and care for myself too.

2. What strengths do you already have as a reader?

Angel of Alchemy/Temperance (Swan): Balance, Spirituality, Calm, Meditation

This card has a lot of meaning for me, Temperance is a card which nearly always shows up in personal readings for myself. Its main meaning is ‘balance’. I feel this card in this position is stating that I am able to provide a balanced view in my readings and am able to keep a calm and compassionate outlook for my clients. The swan represents intuition and spiritual growth, showing that as a reader I am truly able to connect with the cards and my clients, providing harmony and clarity to them.

The elegance of the swan is related to spirituality and balance

3. What limits do you feel as a reader?

Guardian of Branches/King of Wands (Tiger): Male energies, Power, Leadership

This card shows that I struggle with male energies and possibly my own identity, being a transman in a mostly female-dominated industry. I feel this card is showing me to be more in tune with myself and not to try and be like others too hard. I don’t need to fit into the general stereotypes of a tarot reader, I am my own person and I need to be more confidence, take stride and go ahead and be me. The tiger represents power, energy and achieving my goals. By working with myself, exploring the male energies around me, I feel I can move forward in my readings and access a even higher level of inspiration and creativity.

4. What key lesson can you learn on your developmental journey?

Seeker of Shells/Knight of Cups (Polar Bear): Love, Imagination, Emotional change

This beautiful card shows me that I am emotionally strong and courageous, as I write this, the song ‘Love my Life’ by Robbie Williams is playing, feeding my emotions towards this card. The lyrics especially speak to me:

“I love my life
I am powerful
I am beautiful
I am free
I love my life
I am wonderful
I am magical
I am me
I love my life
And finally
I’m where I wanna be”

This card shows me that I will learn how to become more emotionally mature and be able to deal with things better. I will learn to love people for who they are, no matter what their sex or place in live. In fact, this card is all about love and forward movement. It also shows that I can act as a messenger for love, exploring, wandering and following my own journey, no matter where it takes me.

5. How can you be open to learning and developing on this journey?

Nine of Shells/Nine of Cups (Salmon): Success, Satisfaction, Return to Self

The salmon is an animal always associated with wisdom due to its innate knowledge to return to where it spawns, year after year in a difficult up-stream journey. This card shows me that by envisioning my own success and opening my mind, I can really use the tarot to move my life forward. I am able to trust my instincts in life and through my tarot journey I am gaining a new appreciation for the elements, human psychology and anthropology, nature and animals. When I think of all of this, I feel an unconditional love towards the Universe. By opening my mind I can really learn and develop in huge ways through the tarot.

6. What is the potential outcome of this journey?

Seven of Feathers/Seven of Swords (Magpie): Impulsive, Deceptive, Stealth

This card was a bit troubling to see as the potential outcome. This card is associated with cheating people, deceiving and betraying, which doesn’t seem to make sense in relation to the rest of the reading. Instead, I look deeper into this card. The magpie is a skilled thief of a bird who is excellent at taking things. Like other members of the corvidae family (crows, ravens) they are also able to use tools! I feel this card is reminding me to be open-minded  but not to be deceived by others. I often see people online claiming that they make however much money, or learned something in however many days. I need to be careful and not be swept up in schemes and illusions of grandeur.

The key in the magpies mouth also reminds me of the associations with the key symbol; a quite literal key that opens doors to higher knowledge and spiritual wisdom. The number seven is also associated with the spiritual realm. Therefore I feel this card is also telling me that I currently have the key that I need, I need to make sure not to get distracted by appealing offers and situations and must focus on the journey ahead.

The magpie; An intelligent yet tricky individual

In conclusion:

This reading really spoke to me and brought to light many deep feelings about my future and my current situations, as well as what I want as a tarot reader. This reading made a lot of sense to me, I do feel I want to re-explore the final card, the seven of swords, at some point though. It seemed like a strange place to appear in the reading, especially as I definately do not want to cheat my clients! I think maybe a meditation on this card may help clarify it.

I do feel that as it is a magpie that perhaps it is really telling me to find my own ‘voice’ within the world of tarot, and to not rely on others in order to go forward.
I aim to look back on this reading in the future in order to help me with my tarot journey and career.

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