Daily Tarot Card: Ace of Shells

Daily Tarot Card: Ace of Shells


About the Deck:

The Animal Wisdom Tarot is a gorgeous, vibrant and inspirational deck created by Dawn Brunke and illustrated by Ola Liola. It quickly became one of my absolute favourite decks and is a pleasure and a joy to work with. You can read more about the thinking process behind the creation of this deck here!

About the Card:

Today’s card is the Ace of Shells (Ace of Cups). This card shows a nautilus, a mollusc which is a distant relative of squid, octopi and cuttlefish. It is a beautiful primitive animal which is an expert at swimming with jet propulsion and the use of its complex chambered shell. This card shows the nautilus near the bottom of the ocean, light spirals around it, symbolizing the force of creation. The shell of the animal also represents this, the power of creation, spirituality and the Universe – the spiral can be seen mirrored through nature from galaxies, to whirlpools and cyclones.

Keywords: Intuition, Calm, New Beginnings, Beauty, Balance, Inner peace

Personal Meaning:


This card for me represents the need for me to be still today, to assess my emotions and heal what I can. I have had some conflict lately, as can be seen from my previous daily draws of cards from the suit of swords. This card is generally good news and represents a positive change in the realm of emotions.

This card tells me to really think deep (as portrayed by the nautilus being in deep water, with the surface above) about my current situation. I need to trust my intuition above all and to accept the healing waters that are flowing towards me. I feel that this is the right time for me to be in touch with my spiritual side, and to rely on it to help me to make any choices.

I also feel that this is not the right time to make any rushed decisions. I want to stay in my safe place and really meditate on my life at it is at this moment. It is a time for me to withdraw into my shell and really think about what I want in life. At the same time, I need to remember to hear what others have to say, deepen my compassion and work towards my soul purpose.

Do you do daily card draws? What was your card for today? What does it mean for you? Please let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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