My Tarot Story – Part 2

In my last ‘My Tarot Story‘ post, I talked about how I got into tarot and a little about the decks I use. This time I’m going to write about my overall views of myself as a reader, my ethics and what I do and don’t believe about tarot.

Some of the tarot and oracle decks I currently work with

Currently I read tarot almost every day, whether it is full and detailed readings for clients, or quick one-card readings for my own insight. Although I am familiar with the traditional meanings of all 78 tarot cards, I still sometimes struggle with the court cards and I admit I am not too familiar with astrology. In fact, I usually just rely on my intuition. However, I do want to expand my knowledge even further and really dive into the deep and rich world of tarot reading, and that is part of what this blog is about!

Tarot’s main purpose for me is to provide insights into my life, from everyday problem-solving to meditating on my whole life’s purpose. I read the tarot to connect with my intuition and my inner voice and guidance. I also use the cards as a tool to speak with deities and energies, primarily Inari-Okami who is my patron god. Recently I’ve also begun to use the tarot for more ‘fun’ things, such as forum games.

Like most readers, I have my own set of beliefs about tarot. I believe that the tarot carries a strong energy which we can connect with through our subconscious. I also believe that it is possible to connect with outside energies such as spirits and deities through the tarot. I treat my tarot decks with respect, wrapping them in decorated fabrics or keeping them in tarot pouches with crystals. I also cleanse them regularly with incense, crystals and moonlight.

What do you feel about the tarot? Image from Pixabay

What I don’t believe is that tarot is negative or can be used to summon demons, or any of that nonsense! Beliefs about this seems to be commonplace no help to various media. I also don’t believe that tarot can tell the future. “What?” I hear you gasp?! No, no, hear me out! – I believe that the tarot shows us what possible future we could have if we change things in the present and align ourselves to the energies available to us. Therefore, I don’t believe in such a thing as a bad reading, but I do believe that some readings can serve to warn of us consequences if we choose to ignore any advice that comes our way.

As a reader I aim to help my you identify any blocks and issues that may be affecting your life and well being. I want to empower you to take control and steer towards the best life path that they can. I believe the future is not set in stone, it is created from your own choices in the here and now. I can work with you to set a course of action and help you manifest the future that you envision!

I believe there are multiple possible futures for each and every one of us. Image from Pixabay.

And so these are my general thoughts and beliefs about the tarot! I hope this post was interesting to you, dear reader.

What do you feel about the tarot? Are you learning to read it, or are you a professional reader? I’d love to hear from my readers! Please comment below or feel free to hit me up at !


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