Daily Tarot Card: Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Card: Two of Swords


About the Deck:

The Radiant Rider-Waite deck is one of the most popular decks on the market today. It is a more vibrant recolored version of the traditional Rider-Waite deck, originally published in 1910.

About the Card:

Today’s card is the two of swords. This card shows a young blindfolded woman sitting and holding a sword in each hand. Behind her is a body of water full of rocks, showing that her emotions are blocked and unable to flow correctly. The blindfold suggests that she is either blind to her problem, or is unable or unwilling to see her choices. A crescent moon rises above her, showing that a new beginning will emerge once she has made her choice and gotten out of her situation.

Keywords: Decision-making, Repressed feelings, Stalemale, Blind to the truth

Personal Meaning:

This card alerts me that there is a decision that needs to be made, one which I am unwilling or stubborn to see. This very much resonates with me right now and with what is going on in my life, especially in relation to yesterday’s card, the five of swords.

The blindfolded woman shows that I am ignoring or being ‘blind’ to what needs to be thought about, and it is true that I am putting it off, just wanting to ‘go with the flow’ and see what happens. As the woman in this card’s hands are actually free (besides holding the swords) and not bound, I feel that she blindfolded herself, therefore is unwilling to acknowledge and  make this decision. This card shows me that ultimately, a decision does need to be made in order for me to move on, otherwise I am going to be in this position for quite a while. I can only ignore this for so long.

The crescent moon in the card brings me hope that from this decision, there will be a new beginning, but despite that, it doesn’t make this decision any easier. The two of swords is basically a ‘Oi, stop ignoring the choice you have to make!‘ card for me right now, and is a pretty bittersweet card to see today of all days. Apologies that the situation itself is a little too personal to write about here!

Brigit of Biddy Tarot writes about the two of swords: “The blindfolded woman in this card is also an indication that you lack the information you need to make the right decisions at this time. You may be missing something, such as threats or potential risks, alternative solutions, or key pieces of information. Once you are able to remove your blindfold and see the situation for what it really is, you will be in a much better position to determine your path forward. Research your options more widely, seek outside opinions and feedback, and ask yourself what you are missing here. Why is this decision so challenging to make? What extra information do you need?”

This really speaks to me on a deep level. I am avoiding a decision, and as Brigit says, I do need more information. Today I am going to do that and perhaps with the information gathered today, I will able to see clearer regarding my current situation.

This was a powerful and sobering card to draw today. There is a decision I need to make, but I am putting it off due to a lack of information. This card reminds me that I need to at least be conscious that the need for a decision is not going away and simply needs to be thought about carefully. Until then, I am going to feel emotionally blocked and unhappy at my core self. There is the need to try and view things from others perspectives in this situation.

I am going to keep this card on my mind today and remind myself that whatever choice I make in the near future, I need to align with my soul purpose and do what is best for me, not other people.


Do you do daily card draws? What was your card for today? What does it mean for you? Please let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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