Daily Tarot Card: 5 of Feathers (Blue Jay)

Daily Tarot Card: Four of Fossils (Blue Jay)


About the Deck:

The Animal Wisdom Tarot is a gorgeous, vibrant and inspirational deck created by Dawn Brunke and illustrated by Ola Liola. It quickly became one of my absolute favourite decks and is a pleasure and a joy to work with. You can read more about the thinking process behind the creation of this deck here!

About the Card:

Today’s card is the five of feathers (Five of swords). This card shows a blue jay having supposedly won a conflict over two other birds. It appears that the clouds are clearing and the battle is over.

Keywords: Conflict, Progress, Clarity, Deception, Winning at all costs, Betrayal

Personal Meaning:

For me, this card shows what is going on in my head currently. I have has a lot of conflict lately with loved ones and things have seemed awful. I have the upper hand for now but as the number five suggests, this is only the half way point. I know there will be more conflict to come but for now I wish to rest and look back on what I have.

The grey, cloudy sky in this card could be seen either of two ways; either a storm is clearing after the fight, or a storm is brewing. In the latter case, the blue jay seems oblivious to this and is just fluttering happily over his won items.

This card reminds me to be prepared for future conflict, as well as to not let others cheat or be deceptive towards me. Although I feel a lot calmer and happier at the moment, this card serves as a reminder that at the core, things are not well. I need to stand my ground and be aware of what is going on with me and my loved ones. In fact, the issues are relating around three people, and so the three birds on this card make even more sense to me.

The Five of Feathers also serves as a sore reminder that no matter how the conflict ends, there will always be someone who loses. The association to the suit of swords, represented here by feathers, reminds me to always see through others and to stay clear and neutral when I can. I need to see clearly and be as honest as I can.

The bird depicted here is the blue jay. These birds are a member of the crow family and are known for their intelligence, aggression and fearlessness. They often fight other birds and have even been known to imitate hawk calls to lure predators away from their nests. Therefore I can see why this bird is a perfect representation of the Five of Feathers.

I know that the core message here is for me to see clearly and to act in alignment with my soul purpose. I should know that conflict moves things along, even though it is never nice at the time. I know that whatever happens, Spirit has my back. For now, I will enjoy this small victory.

Do you do daily card draws? What was your card for today? What does it mean for you? Please let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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