Daily Tarot Card: 4 of Fossils (Rat)

Welcome to my feature, Daily Tarot Card!

This will be a personal series in which I draw a daily tarot card for myself from whichever deck I feel most drawn to at the time. I’ll then write down my thoughts and insights onto this blog! Hopefully these will be interesting reads, as well as helping you learn more about the tarot!

Daily Tarot Card: Four of Fossils (Rat)

Four of Fossils: Rat. The Animal Wisdom Deck is property of Dawn Brunke 

About the Deck:

The Animal Wisdom Tarot is a gorgeous, vibrant and inspirational deck created by Dawn Brunke and illustrated by Ola Liola. It quickly became one of my absolute favourite decks and is a pleasure and a joy to work with. You can read more about the thinking process behind the creation of this deck here!

About the Card:

Today’s card is the four of fossils (Four of pentacles/coins), and is illustrated with a rat. The rat is shown with four fossils with leaf insignia against a city background. Surrounding the rat are various plants and a large expanse of sky.

Element: Earth

Keywords: Stability, Saving, Survival, Material possessions, Protection

Personal Meaning:

As I look at this card, I see that the rat has a nice little collection of fossils. As these represent the element of Earth and material possessions, it seems the animal is well-off with his four rocks. He looks proud of his accomplishments! However, he may be playing it safe, too afraid to venture out and retrieve more as he is too afraid of losing the ones he already has.

For me, this card represents my want to save money and the importance to hold onto it. Right now I have a very low income and am afraid of losing more and more money. The rat shows me that I can be proud of what I’ve earned so far and to look after it well. I often impulse spend and so in order to be more financially stable, I need to build a more solid foundation like this rat.

My goals and dreams often feel far away. By looking at this card, I can imagine that the rat really wants to get into that city! There’s probably a ton more food there and a lot more rats to meet and hang out with! But for now, he stays outside the city walls clinging to his wealth.

So at the same time, I feel this card is telling me to take measured risks in the future; those which have a high chance of success but which will not hurt my existing assets too much should I fail.

As a rat owner, I know that rats are very social and intelligent animals. Their tiny brains are excellent at problem solving and they can work together as groups to address problems. Therefore what else I get from this card is a note to be more social! This little rat may be happy with his fossils, but he is solitary; it seems that perhaps all his friends are in the city, or maybe he has been so focused on collecting his fossils that they have abandoned him.

Rats are social animals which rely on each other to solve problems

As I know money is tight, maybe I could look into some free events in my area and invite friends. I could even try and make new friends whilst there!

This really shows how much insight just one card a day can bring! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Do you do daily card draws? What was your card for today? What does it mean for you? Please let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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