The New Moon (新月)

Spend the new moon setting your intention

Tonight is the night of the new moon. I have created a make-shift moon altar for now – I wish to establish a permanent one but currently a lack of space does not allow for this. Hopefully I can put up a shelf or something and place my items there.

The New Moon in Shinto

In Japan, the new moon is seen as a time where wishes are granted. This is because the sky is stiller and darker than at the full moon, and this allows your requests to be heard clearer by O-Kami. As the Sun, moon and Earth are all aligned, this makes a stronger connection between kami. In fact, the moon is so important in Shinto that all events used to be based on the lunar calender – though they are now based on the Gregorian calender, some members of the Shinto faith still work with the original calender.

The Shinto moon kami is Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto. I created a post about him yesterday. He can be prayed to at any time but is especially powerful on the new and full moon.

New Moon Rituals

The new moon is a perfect time for divination, reflection, meditation and spellwork. It is a time in which we can quiet our minds and be thankful for what we have received from O-Kami in the past month. We can also place our hopes and desires with O-kami and know that they will be heard. It is common to pray for a new job and prosperity at this time – the new moon signifies new beginnings.

The moon in general is heavily associated with water, especially the new moon. This is because at the new moon, the tides are raised. This is a great time to work with water-related gods and kami too, such as Ryujin. Animals associated with the moon include the hare, wolf, dog, crab, dragon. toad, frog and moth to name just some.


Here are some simple things you can do on the new moon:

  • Set goals for the next month. Break these down into smaller goals if possible.
  • Create a list of things you wish to manifest this month. Make sure they are achievable things and are not to out of reach – otherwise you are simply blocking the energy.
  • Perform cleansing/purification rituals to cleanse yourself for the month ahead.
  • Perform chakra meditations
  • Cleanse your ritual items – use crystals or smudging to renew your items
  • Clean/dust your altar or kamidana
  • Honour your ancestors – burn incense for them and perhaps provide them with alchohol or food offerings

Whatever you do, channel the new moon’s energy into your intentions and you will be sure to manifest what you want. The moon provides us with a loving, powerful energy for free, all we need to do is to use it.

Do you have a plan for the new moon? I would love to hear what others do at this time, so if you’d like to share please do comment below!

Have a great night!

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