Cleansing, Personal

A Spiritual Awakening

Today I’m going to speak about a recent event which I feel actually forced me into a spiritual awakening. It was a dark time and extremely scary but I feel much better because of it.

Night Terrors

Over the past few months things had been rather hectic and I’d been having a lot of nightmares and night terrors. About two weeks ago I had a particularly nasty night in which I was up all night convinced that there were various entities around my home that were intent on hurting me. I had consumed a lot of media in the form of various ghost stories and cartoons that week so I think perhaps my mind basically was having an information overload!

I was shaking, I couldn’t breathe and I was incredibly paranoid. I was fearful for my own life and that of my partner. I saw a lot of shadow beings around – by my bed, in the kitchen and even outside, lurking around by the walls. I heard voices whispering to me and trying to gain my attention.

That one night was so unpleasant and unsettling that I immediately ordered some sage bundle kits to smudge the place and researched some cleansing spells. They came a few days later and I completely cleansed the room, my work area and myself.

Purification and a Realization

I immediately began to feel better. I feel as though a warm energy was coming down and settling at my feet, grounding me. I had smudged so much that the entire room felt as though I was wading through smoke clouds. But it was comforting. I felt safe now.

I also ritually cleansed my altar with sage and also myself in the shower. I was determined to get whatever this was away from me. And you know? It worked! And it worked better than I could have ever imagined!

Suddenly I felt that whatever spiritual and mental grime that was blocking me had been swept away by Spirit and I could see clearly again. I have started tarot reading again, I’m seeing signs and having positive dreams. My whole life energy has changed in a matter of about a week due to this cleansing. I guess I should make a post about how important cleansing really is!

Sage is an effective way of cleansing negative energies

Only yesterday I was having some quiet time with my tarot deck and I came to a realization. I was seeing all those things, hearing them and becoming paranoid for a reason. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have come back to my path as soon as I did. My tarot deck would have probably laid dormant in it’s bag for many more months.

I feel that what happened is that my third eye chakra was forced open, perhaps by Inari-Okami, in an effort to get me to ‘see’ again. Only when I cleansed myself was I able to take control of that chakra again and put it to good use.

My belief that it was Inari-Okami who had my back was only strengthened today when I did a personal wellbeing spread with my cards and the fox came up in the ‘spiritual state’ position.

Back to the Cards

And so I am now happily back reading tarot cards! I’ve been using the cards the past few days in order to help myself figure out things and what my next steps are. It’s been invaluable, of course. I am so grateful for Inari-Okami pushing me back into things, as she always does! It seems to be a trait of hers that when she wants you to do something she’ll certainly let you know about it!

For those of you interested in my tarot card readings, I have a website for them here! From there you can click through to my blog! It’s still in baby stages right now but I’m hoping to get a ton of resources up for tarot reading along with animal symbolism and how these both work with Shinto.

If you, my readers, are interested in a FREE tarot reading, then please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible! All I ask in return is for some honest feedback.

Today’s reading

Your Experiences?

Have you had any interesting experiences in which deities or entities have ‘forced’ you back into something, or into something new? I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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