Shinto, Spiritual Crafts

Craft work for Inari-Okami

So I’ve been struggling to do anything creative lately, but I did manage to mess with sculpting. I made a few different prototype items for Inari-Okami.

These are made from polymer clay and painted with brush pens and acrylic paint. They are pretty basic, and I didn’t have sandpaper on hand, but I wanted to get a feel of how they’d look.

Here are the very first creations!

Kitsune inspired mask
Kitsune inspired mask
Small kitsune statue
Small kitsune statue
Small kitsune statue, based on a photo I found online

In the future I’d like to sell these on Etsy. I have a lot of work to do before then! I’ll probably make different moulds for them but paint them all individually to make them unique! The small statues will be sold in pairs, and I’d love to create some larger ones someday!

I hope you enjoy my creations! If you are interested in purchasing something like this, please do let me know! More interest means I’m more likely to focus on these projects!

Thanks for looking!

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