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Looking for Signs Given by the Gods

Today I am going to talk about signs received by the Gods and how we can look out for them. This is written from my own personal experience and so please do not take my word as the gospel. Also please note that I use the words ‘god’ and ‘deity’ interchangeably and I do not mean to cause offense of any kind to people who are intent on one or the other. That said, I sincerely hope that this post may help some of you wondering about signs!

What Are ‘Signs’?

A sign from a God, Spirit or a similar entity is simply a symbol which you recognize, associated with that entity, appearing at perhaps an unusual time, when asked for or at a time of distress. For me and many others, a sign can be a life-changing moment. For instance, if you ask the Gods to provide you with a sign for a particular decision, and that sign shows up then it seems as if the Gods have spoken. Or at least that is what we believe.

For instance, a lot of people who begin to work with Inari-sama see foxes everywhere – in logos, in names of places, in the wild and wonder where this sudden onslaught of foxes came from. A quick Google search for “fox + gods” would bring up information about Inari-sama and the person could go from there.

I asked Inari-sama if I should continue down the path I am going with moving home and such, and to show me a fox-related sign if I should, and a few hours later I came face to face with a wild red fox on my walk. I have been living here for three years and I wasn’t even looking for a sign at that particular moment- in fact I had forgotten about my request for the time being! This was a huge turning point in my life path as now I am 100% certain that signs are real and we should pay attention to them.

A red fox akin to the one I encountered (Photo © RSPB)
A red fox akin to the one I encountered (Photo © RSPB)

It also helped that when I came back home, ecstatic because of the encounter with the fox messenger, I searched up the city council we would be applying to (to check housing benefits) and their symbol is… a white fox, one of Inari’s symbols! At this stage I was just grinning like an idiot, so happy that Inari-sama’s signs were getting to me with such strength.

I have been working with and relying on signs for over a decade now and I definitely think it is something which more people, especially those who work with gods should pay attention to. It is something which can truly enrich your life – and make it a bit easier!

Receiving Signs (Unaware) Vs Asking For Signs (Aware)

Receiving signs when you have not asked for them can be very frustrating, confusing and even scary. Imagine that you start to see owls everywhere – maybe on tv, then in a magazine, then a decal on a window, followed by a piece of art on a wall – you’d probably start wondering what on Earth is happening! In this case, the owl sign is extremely prominent and it is highly possible that a deity associated with them, or the spirit of owl themselves are searching to talk to you.

Of course, if you have a patron deity or just one you are very familiar with and you receive signs that you know are associated this makes life a whole lot easier. Think of this as the god trying to get your attention, kinda like an incoming Skype call! Whether or not you choose to answer it is up to you.

Asking for signs are when you ask a particular question and then allow the deities to respond with the sign you asked for, or sometimes something different. For instance, when I ask Inari about something, I usually ask her for a sign of either an order at my Etsy shop or a symbol of a fox. There have been times where I have had received a large order on Etsy at the exact moment I am praying at the kamidana for help with finances!

 How Do I Start? What Should I Ask For?

How to Ask For a Sign

At this stage, I am assuming that you, the reader, are looking for signs for the most common reason people do – to find out if a particular deity is out there, looking out for you or wants to work with you. In this case it is appropriate to search for symbols associated with that particular deity – What colours are they seen in? What animals may accompany them? What are their associated attributes? By reading this post you are already showing that you are receptive to signs and want to work closer with your gods.

If you are asking for a sign it’s usually because you need help with a problem. This could be asked in prayer, before bed, when outside or anything like this. Bare in mind that some gods work extremely fast (usually fire-related ones) and some are slower working – but their results tend to be much more significant (Earth-related). Remember the elemental attributes of the gods you are contacting too, it can help you realize how long it may take. There is no real ‘way’ of asking for a sign – it doesn’t need to be a huge ritual. As long as your mind is quiet then you can ask away.

Burning incence is popular in many traditions as a way to calm the mind and dispell negative energies. (Photo © )

How Not to Ask For a Sign

Obviously, a sign should not be something like ‘Inari, if you are here please leave me £1000 on my bed by tomorrow’. That is utter nonsense and a god should never be abused in this way. You are insulting the god as well as basically ‘crying wolf’. Instead, a sign should be something like ‘I am unsure which life path to embark on, if  XXXX is correct, please show me a sign of a XXXX by next Friday’. In my experience, signs have always appeared within 1-3 days, but this can vary. I would love to hear from my readers about this!

Something that needs to be added is that, if you are going to select a particular sign then make sure that it is a realistic symbol. Choosing an obscure sanskrit symbol may be difficult to ever spot in a small village and harder for the gods to manifest. Also think outside the box! If you choose say, a dragon as your symbol (it doesn’t have to be a real, live animal), it could appear on flags, logos, food packets, t-shirts etc! Obviously, if like me you live in Wales, don’t choose something like a dragon – they are on everything! You could always go for something more specific like a blue or gold dragon though!

Receiving the Sign you Asked For

Signs can come in all shapes and sizes, on this physical plane or the Spiritual. For example, pretend I want to know if Anubis/Anpu is around me and I ask him to show me a sign in the form of a black jackal to state that he is – I would then kind of shut off that request at the back of my mind for the time being. Within a few days, if Anpu is around I will have seen a black jackal in some form! This could be perhaps the actual stylished jackal-headed god we are used to, or a black coloured jackal on a shirt (or perhaps a regular jackal on a black t-shirt), or maybe even something that resembles a jackal such as a doberman! The gods really do work in mysterious ways!

The one thing I can say is that with signs, you will KNOW when you have received it. It is never an unsure thing, you’ll not find yourself thinking ”maybe that was a sign… maybe it was a coincidence’, if the sign really was a sign from a god there’s just something so profound and exciting that you just feel like your chest will burst and you have to say a big ‘thank you!!’ to the gods.

What Are Your Experience With Signs?

I hope that this post helped clear up just a bit of what people mean when they say they are receiving or looking for signs. Do you, the readers have any experience with signs? I would love to hear your stories! You can either post them here in the comments or email me directly at

Thank you so much for reading and Blessed Be!



6 thoughts on “Looking for Signs Given by the Gods”

  1. Nice guide. I tend to realise I got a sign or a question answered a year or so after I have asked for it, when I can look back and recognise what happened. Recently I have seen lots of foxes on everything, which is why I am here!

    1. That’s fantastic! It sounds like Inari-sama may be trying to contact you also 🙂 We often realize we have had signs after we receive them no matter how late they are. Good luck with your path!

  2. Lovely post. I was going through a time when I couldn’t contact Loki or feel him around due to severe brain fog. I asked if he would be able to give me a sign he still wanted to work with me. When I went into a charity shop the next day I found a hardback copy of the novel The Gospel of Loki. I’d been looking for one for ages, so they really do send us signs!

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