Blessings of Water and Shetler

This morning I realized something quite profound and wanted to share it with my followers. Upon praying at Inari-sama’s altar (also dedicated to Kami-sama), I prayed as usual in the morning. I prayed that Inari-sama would help me with my debt problems and also my health. I thought about the blessings I thought I needed and soon realized… I already had them.

I have clean water that flows through my taps that I may drink at any time of day and night. I have food staples such as soup, noodles and some frozen things. I have clothes that cover my body and a roof that protects me from the weather.

Although I may not have, say, the new printer I need, I DO have blessings. I have what I need to essentially keep me alive and well. I am looked after well by Kami-sama and I feel that the only way I can really achieve more in my life, as well as prosperity is to fully realize the blessings I already have.

I am so grateful and I felt a warm ‘hug’ of energy all of today after I realized this fact.


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