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A Warning Sign from Snake

A Slither of Snakes

So last night I had a rather interesting, if not frustrating dream. I am a snake keeper and in my dream I had a rather large gaboon viper. Now I do not plan on ever keeping this snake, nor do I wish to keep venomous snakes of any kind – the risk is simply not worth it in my opinion. However, in this dream I had a stack of vivariums full of ball pythons and red tail boas, along with some tortoises and geckos. Probably my future collection to be honest as I do have a passion for reptiles and enjoy their company.

The gaboon viper was frustrating me throughout the dream. It seemed that no matter which vivarium or container I put it in, it would escape. It was slow and hissed a lot, but it did not strike. I restrained it at the back of the head to ensure that it didn’t bite anyway, knowing full well that this snake was venomous and could kill me. The other snakes slowly escaped but I did not feel the need to return them to their vivariums as I knew they could not harm me. Although I was in control of the viper, it made me feel on edge and nervous.

It seemed odd that out of all snake species I could have dreamed of, the one I did was one I was not familiar with besides it’s name. Now I have researched it I know that it is the World’s largest viper, with the longest fangs (5cm) and the highest venom yield of all venomous snakes. Therefore I am certain this was a Dream, and not a dream, so to speak. It was trying to speak to me.

Gaboon Viper
A young Gaboon viper. Photograph by oOBrieOo

Snake as a Totem

Now, snakes have been a totem animal of mine for most of my life. They have helped me with transitioning from female to male, from negativity to positivity and aid me in my health. They are a close species to myself and I feel as though they are ancient, wise and mysterious beings that deserve the utmost of respect. I currently own three snakes: Loki, Cerridwen and Mars. Cerridwen often aids me in ritual magic -she seems especially talented at this and adds an amazing energy. She is only just over a year old, and I hope to spend the rest of her natural life at her side. In short, Cerridwen is my familiar.

The snake is also the animal totem associated with my solar plexus chakra. He appears as a large, rainbow-coloured feathered serpent. My creativity embodied into a being – my Awen. In dreams and meditations he has spoken to me and I feel awe at his wisdom and presence. In one dream he transformed into a beautiful butterfly and flew away – a time in my life that was difficult changed on swift wings after that encounter.

A Warning Sign

In the dream, I felt a slight fear when the viper moved about, knowing full well that this being could destroy me. The snake to me represents transformation, health and creativity. The fact that this snake was venomous and kept escaping is a warning sign for me. Perhaps I need to take care of my health more – in fact, I know I do. As snake is the animal of my solar plexus, this makes a lot of sense.

I’ve had creative block and also blocks when it comes to mental health and transgender-related issues. Snake is warning me that my health is the seat of all of my being and I need to take care of myself first and foremost before I can worry about other things. I also feel that as this snake made me unsettled and frustrated, it is challenging me. It is almost saying ‘I am here for you to use my medicine, but can you handle it?

This dream means a lot more to me in symbolic thought than I can translate and write down here. I will pay attention to snake’s medicine and know that he holds the key to my creativity. I hope that I can provide a larger enclosure for my gaboon viper, so to speak, and that it will be free to move around freely and without constriction.

Snake is a very important totem animal to me, as well as my familiar. I hope that by working closer with Snake, I can resolve much of the blockage and difficulty in my life at this time.

rainbow serpent
The Rainbow Serpent – A mythological being known throughout the world

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