About Myself and my Practices

My name is Matt, and I’m the author of this blog. It’s nice to meet you! On this blog, ‘The Fox Druid’ I will be writing about my Spirituality, Personal life, Druidry, Shinto and much more. I am also an artist!

Inari-sama, Artwork by the Author

I am currently 27 and live in North Wales, not too far from the sacred Llyn Tegid – home of one of greatest stories in Druidry, the tale of Taliesin. Although I am full-blooded Welsh, my first language is English, so this is what language my posts will be in.

I discovered paganism through my interest in the paranormal when I was 14. I also discovered Shinto, like many, through anime such as ‘Inu-Yasha’. At first I read everything I could about Western paganism and Japanese folklore I could get my hands on. I’ve also had a massive love for foxes since I was a child where I would draw them obsessively and create many characters.

When I discovered Shinto and soon after, Inari, something felt like it was starting to click. There was something about those Moss-covered solemn fox statutes outside of the shrines and hidden in the undergrowth. Something about the brilliant red torii standing proudly before the shrine, a gateway to the sacred, to the unknown. Shinto spoke to me in a way that nothing else ever had before.

But as a white Welsh man, I felt a million miles away from the land of the rising sun. I felt like I had no right to indulge in a foreign culture and faith that wasn’t mine. And so I left Shinto behind for a while, though Inari would continue to call out to me in the years that followed.

I began to study Wicca via Gerald Gardner’s work at the age of 16, and became a practising Pagan at the age of 18-19. I wore my robes, cast charms and spells and followed the wheel of the year on and off. Eventually Inari began to call to me strongly through signs and dreams, and I felt the need to set up an altar for Her in my room. I acquired some myoubu (fox guardian) statues from a seller in Japan along with some candles and printed pictures of depictions of Inari.

The rest is history, and Inari has had a place in my home ever since. Her kamidana is currently on top of our bookshelf, where she seems to be very happy. She is my patron and also the protector of our home and health.

I am currently learning about a sect of Shinto; Konkokyo. I feel very at home with this faith and I am sure that many good things will come from it’s involvement in my life and choices.

Konkokyo Symbol
Symbol of Konkokyo

I discovered Druidry only this year which is quite surprising considering I live in the very country that is considered modern Druidry’s homeland. I found the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids through an internet search that I can’t quite recall, and have been studying at the Bardic grade since then.

I am studying OBOD and the British Druid Order’s correspondent courses. I am also affiliated with various local Druid seed groups and groves.

My longterm goal is to start a seed group based around a combination of Druidic and Shinto values, which I feel work together amazingly well.

I hope that you will find my blog interesting and perhaps enlightening, and if you have any questions regarding any topic I cover please do not hesitate to contact me at


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